[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Non-Violent Weapon

(Bart) #1

We all know that weapons can be used for ill, but this challenge asks you to dream up a non-violent weapon that is used for good. So unholster your marshmallow gun, roll out the t-shirt cannons, and show us what’s in your low poly arsenal.

For full prize and rule details be sure to read the blog post:


(Elmisterca) #2

Hi! I have a question, do I have to make my own concept? Or can I use a concept I find and share the proper credit to the concept author?

(Ergoni) #3

I do not understand how a non-violent weapon can exist, but even here is my first idea
Rainbow W-357X
non-lethal weapon, fun 100% assured

(Bart) #4

Basing your work on existing concept art is fine as long as you credit the original artist, as you said. :+1:

Rainbow gun FTW!

(Gordillo Antonio J) #5

Pues he decidido hace un una pistola de palabras sucias un poco de locura haber como sale!

(Mystic Teacup) #6

Hi everyone! This challenge seems super fun. As soon as I saw the title I knew what I wanted to do. Sorry for the sketch quality haha it was a super quick doodle! I’m thinking of going for something quite cute and crude, my idea is to have my gun as a unicorn, the barrel of the gun will be his bum, and he will be shooting out little rainbow poops, the handle of the gun is his tail, which has little flowers in it, and I hoping to incorporate the trigger into the tail as flowers! Super excited about this idea and hope I can pull it off! Goood luckkk everyone :relaxed:

(Marceloguiot) #7

Hi everyone!

This will be the first challenge i take, i think i´m a beginner but i want to do my best. I was thinking on a species of bubble gatling (Sorry i dont have a design in paper).

(Timofei Shcheglov) #8

Not sure if I’ll have time to finish this challenge (or even start :smile:), but here’s my sketch: cat-o-pult (that’s right, catapult for cats :sunglasses:)

(Bart) #9

This is going to make someone VERY happy :slight_smile: :cat:

(Patrick F) #10

Hi everyone… this will be my first SketchFab challenge so I don’t know what will happen!! However I cant wait to start my weapon and for me, it is a Stink Bomb Gun… And yes… I am horrible at concept. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I made concept to help me out! Good luck to everyone!

(Mariosonic500) #11

I think I’ll make some sort of cat paw sword/club, or something cute and fluffy like that.

(Jack Sturgeon) #12

I’m thinking either something that launches cats or bunnies, or weaponised hugs. Whatever I make, it must include derpy balls of floof.

Are these enough like weapons, or are they too vehicular? Is that taken into account when picking a winner?

(hands are backwards, woops)

(Alfanas0) #13

so anyone who wishes to join should post the last result her or should i post anything about my entry ?
because i really didnt understand the rulls form

(Jonramos) #14

I will create something with elastics. I created a lot of guns with wood and elastics in my childhood, so I’ll try to create something based on that.

(Star Trek Guy) #15

Hmmm… I’m thinking up a musical gun, one that shoots music haha

(Farhan Rachmatullah) #16

hiii all this is my first join challenge ,this is mw concept flower gun
this flower out honey and good luck for me and u all thanks before

(Risol) #18

concepts from several references and combined become like this… and this is the first time I joined a challenge. thanks ^^

(Patrick F) #19

Finally finished the model… I had a lot of fun making this weapon. Good luck to all the other artists.
Here is my submission (https://sketchfab.com/models/4d473e841124429a94b8df1637c056f6)

(Ntm3d) #20

Hi everyone!

I think I’ll make 2 weapons. First one related to nature’s seeds and the other… lets see if I’m able to finish that one on time. :slight_smile:

(MaddhattPatt) #21

Got some rough shapes in for my high power bubble gun! I’m going to get some proper geometry tonight. Maybe some UVing too!