[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Non-Violent Weapon

Cocoon Cannon
Thinking in something that is not violent but can still serve as a weapond, and so it came, the cocoon cannon, wrap up all your troubles in a soft, gentle, warming yet very strong cocoon. It works in all kind of situations, like:

Problems in school? bullies? well no more, just launch a cocoon on them an they will stay still in a relaxing experience until they have to face detention.

Are you lost in the woods? just use a cocoon, it will keep you safe from cold, and dangerous animals, don’t worry if you use your cocoon to sleep on a hight tree, is so soft it will make your fall feel like falling on a cloud.

Somebody is drowning? hurry use a cocoon! it can float on water aswell, you’ll be a hero!

The cocoon cannon comes with an ai system that will assist your aiming, just don’t try to make friends with it, definitely not a great idea, the cacoon cannon ai hates humans!

Hope to finish the textures before the deadline so i will be able to mass produce these babes.

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Cocoon Cannon Finish, good luck to everyone.

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My idea is too make a gummy tank. 100% made of real gummy, shoots nothing cause its gummy.
Very edible, such gummy

If you’re entering today, you’d better hurry up! This challenge closes at midnight, EST today.

I am almost finished luckily, but i realized i had to share my idea before submitting.

I know it could seams lethal but I can assure you that Teddy bears don’t hurt :wink:


I post my concept late. Beware of the breads ! :bread:

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I made my concept last week, but I didn’t post it…So here it is! :slight_smile:

Hi, a hand gun with absolutely revolutionary design!
For people who adore dogs but don’t have any :smile:

Sketchfab Link: https://skfb.ly/6GVyt

Boom!.. or plop? Run off before you get wet.
Hope you enjoy!

Completely forgot to share what I had in plan - here are some ideation sketches and the final.

This is my first contest every only heard of it recently so it’s kind of an unfinished project
here is my entery :

Here is my weapon, Penelope the Pooper Trooper! Had so much fun with her, good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Oh man just in the nick of time! Here’s the Super Bubbler!

And the 3d version as well: https://skfb.ly/6GW9Y


I didn’t have the time to polish my idea, but it’s the last minuts for the submission deadline :wink: (I saw the contest only yesterday ^^’)

Here’s my Non-Violent Weapon for the Challenge :slight_smile: A Dwarf’s beer launcher who act like a water gun, but with beer, to calm violent dwarfs in tavern ^^

Good luck to everyone ! There were some very interesting ideas offered, this time again, for the contest :slight_smile:

(Sketchfab Link : https://skfb.ly/6GWwI )

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I had to reupload mine 3times because I ran into some errors and issues, but hopefully uploading it right at midnight counts, I only published it after I get the model to export right and the texture.

Darn, I noticed this just over the weekend and really wanted to do it because of how fun the subject matter is but this is far as I got. Its a Gum Gun…

. O well, I’ll still have to finish it later anyways.


Here’s the finished model! I worked really hard to get this done in time, unfortunately I worked to staying under 10k polygons, but the judges are referring to triangles :frowning: so this may not qualify

How did you paste a link to your model here? Mine seems to come as as if it’s a video link :confused:

I pasted the link in my description and automatically he did it

And the winner is...

The Super Bubbler by maddhattpatt (@maddhatt)

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“Love the presentation of it. The small details of the plant in the bubble and other props give it a nice extra touch, and besides that the watergun looks really realistic.” - Rik

“Great design, materials and presentation with some nice attention to detail.” - Tom

“With a fair amount of details, it stays about 8k polys. Nice design and color: this looks clearly like a toy and a weapon as the same time. Looks very playful and childish but still succeeds to keep a “badass” look. Definitely something I would like to have in my house in summer!” - Geoffrey

“Apart from the lovely color palette and well defined materials it’s remarkable what one can create in terms of modeling details while staying under 8k triangles! Very well done!” - Phil

Thank you to all who participated! We loved seeing your creativity on this one! :gun: