[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Non-Violent Weapon

(MaddhattPatt) #21

Got some rough shapes in for my high power bubble gun! I’m going to get some proper geometry tonight. Maybe some UVing too!

(Ntm3d) #22

Well, I finally started with my second Idea, a Shooting Stars Cannon. Hope you guys like it! Next one, the bee gun.

(Iden Kery) #23

Here is my contribution! A Galloping Unicorn Gun

(Jan) #24

It may be too violent but… :point_right:

(Ludichris) #25

I had an idea for a feline-friendly catapult contraption for rehousing lost cats. Seems I wasn’t the first person with a cat/pun based weapon Timofei Shcheglov! Ahhh well, I’m midway through building it now so I might as well finish it.
Best of luck to all who’ve entered :slight_smile:

(Don42) #26

Howdy, I’m primarily doing this out of spontaneous boredom and for practice
but might give the challenge a try, meaning if I’m actually eligible to participate with that
since It’s main shapes are based of somebody else design …
yeah I lack of own design creativity…

However, check out the WIP version of the “pun Gun” I’ll upload in a bit, it’s basically an old fashioned ray-gun, but that one won’t vaporize your target, though it’s impact is still quite Punnishing.

WIP version


(Luis A Pulido) #27

Hello, It has been fun to do this challenge, It reminded me that we can get a lot of details within a low poly mesh, this is my own concept and here is my submission: https://skfb.ly/6GNIx

(Clover Lawn) #28

I discovered this a couple of days ago so I probably won’t be able to finish on time, but I wanna try my best.
My idea is this Coffee-based energy gun (because every adult needs one of these right?..)

(Teacher) #29

So, as per the summary of creating a weapon used for good (I love this challenge), I thought of a words of encouragement or kindness weapon, because I think people really need that. In life so many people are fighting against fear, insecurity, sadness, depression and other negative emotions. ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

(Giovannicaruso) #30

Finally finished my weapon… It was fun make this carrot sword.
Here is my submission

(Clover Lawn) #31

Actually managed to finish it on time!
There are so so soooo many things I would change but I wanted to submit something as quiet like the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Espresso Gun! by clover_lawn on Sketchfab

(Mystic Teacup) #32

Hi there, just wondering about the deadline, if it is at 11:59pm in NY time on the 11th, does this mean for us in England the deadline would be 4:59am on the 12th? Time zones are extremely hard to grasp haha!

Thanks to anyone who can tell me! :relaxed:

(Kevingille) #33

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Only one last day before deadline. It will be hard to finish my model but I’ll try to do my best, to post my “Beer Cannon for Dwarves” :wink:

Good luck to everyone !

(Kevingille) #34

I think you’re right :wink: I’m almost in the same time zone (UTC+1 for me) and when it will be 11:59pm in NY, it would be 4:59am in England :slight_smile:

(Klegend) #35

Cocoon Cannon
Thinking in something that is not violent but can still serve as a weapond, and so it came, the cocoon cannon, wrap up all your troubles in a soft, gentle, warming yet very strong cocoon. It works in all kind of situations, like:

Problems in school? bullies? well no more, just launch a cocoon on them an they will stay still in a relaxing experience until they have to face detention.

Are you lost in the woods? just use a cocoon, it will keep you safe from cold, and dangerous animals, don’t worry if you use your cocoon to sleep on a hight tree, is so soft it will make your fall feel like falling on a cloud.

Somebody is drowning? hurry use a cocoon! it can float on water aswell, you’ll be a hero!

The cocoon cannon comes with an ai system that will assist your aiming, just don’t try to make friends with it, definitely not a great idea, the cacoon cannon ai hates humans!

Hope to finish the textures before the deadline so i will be able to mass produce these babes.

(Klegend) #36

Cocoon Cannon Finish, good luck to everyone.

(Zesty Ranch) #37

My idea is too make a gummy tank. 100% made of real gummy, shoots nothing cause its gummy.
Very edible, such gummy

(Bart) #38

If you’re entering today, you’d better hurry up! This challenge closes at midnight, EST today.

(Zesty Ranch) #39

I am almost finished luckily, but i realized i had to share my idea before submitting.

(Persifleur) #40

I know it could seams lethal but I can assure you that Teddy bears don’t hurt :wink: