[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Utopia #utopialpchallenge


Hey all! Here's where you can post your WIPs for the new low poly challenge, theme Utopia in an all neon or pastel color scheme, offer constructive critique, or just get inspired! Remember that the goal is dream big and dream bright!

To enter, be sure to add the #utopialpchallenge tag to your scene.

(Dark Minaz) #2

my start so far.
Trying to make a sci-fi-isch fountain of immortality

probably need to delete some bevels and make it even more edgy .. :confused: already looks so undetailed^^

(Romainrevert) #3

Some inspirations from theme park ride !

If I have a cool idea, I participate ! :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #4

some progress, still needs some particles and grass details or something


Looks awesome @dark_minaz!

(Dark Minaz) #6

thanks :slight_smile:
decided to add some more details and a few animations

now i just need to get it to run in sketchfab wtihout hicks :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: final version
sadly can't add more or i go over the 2k faces counter

(Minzkraut) #7

Awesome particles :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #8

thanks :wink:
super easy setup to do them, so i quite like to add them to certain models where it fits

(Rybird) #9

Hello fellow Sketchotonians. Thank you for the fun and opportunity.
This is my contribution.
Fupamu Tustsh or Future Pastel Mushroom for the Utopian Future. In the
future no one has to think and they can see and experience anything they
want. At the center of the utopian world this magical mushroom does
everyone’s thinking for them providing them with Utopian visions of
beauty and pleasure. Pastel artwork and background by Dabble Bird
Created in Sculptris by Rybird of Dabble Bird www.dabblebird.com

Fupamu Tustsh
by Rybird
on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #10

id totally take a bite out of this if it got all those features :stuck_out_tongue:
me might end up like in last of us if it all goes wrong though

(Romainrevert) #11

I found time to do something ! :smiley:

(Drakahn Finlay) #12

I am working on a cureall medbay. It scans a patient and detects any illness after which it will compile a list of treatments, the majority of which it can administer on the fly, as well as a diet and exercise plan custom fit to the patients requirements and taste.

(Rybird) #13

lol !, thank you!

(Drakahn Finlay) #14

Current progress of the cureall medbay No textures yet but it is starting to shape together.

(Halon Keiser) #15

My vision of an idyllic future is probably different from pretty much everyone else's... I envision a life with drastically less technology. Ironic for a budding 3D artist, I know. :slight_smile: My boy scout side is strong, I guess. I'm modelling in blender and painting textures in paint.net.
More specifically I envision technology being more restrained, I guess. Not in a dictatorial way, in a people do more stuff outdoors way. There's still medical technology, for example, like Drakahn Finlay's scanning bed. But personal cell phones and PC's and TVs are far less common.
Initial render:

Next I'll make the texture for the building (a medical wing) and the man. I might also give him crutches... hmm... Any suggestions? Yes crutches, no crutches? I also will probably make a path from the building through the trees.

(Halon Keiser) #16

I haven't painted the man yet (I'll do that tomorrow or Monday) but I painted the medical bay and added a light. Then I decided to go artsy on the second render. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ar7ific1al) #17

A quick submission. There wasn't much to go on for WIP shots.

My submission isn't a utopia for humans; it's a utopia for the non-human life of Earth following their incarceration by an extraterrestrial species that deemed humans too dangerous for the planet. Their crystalline prison is shown in my submission.

(Halon Keiser) #18

That's a really cool entry!
But... Humans keep some species alive... so it's only a utopia for some species, right?

(Ar7ific1al) #19

There is one person strapped to a train track on the left. Five are strapped to the track on the right. Each track has a train barreling down it. Which do you save, the single person or the five people? :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #20


But cool entry, did they keep all of the humans entrapped or just a few? since that would be a lot of shiny obelisks :open_mouth:

@Halon_Keiser looks like a cool idea, i would add a few poly plane bushes, since right now it looks more like a hospital with some trees in the front rather than a world that relies less on technology :slight_smile: