[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: VR Chat Avatar


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Long legs or no legs? Three eyes or the more traditional two? Hot pink skin? Horns? Briefcase? The possibilities are endless and, unlike in actual reality, you’re not limited by the cost of plastic surgery or briefcases. This week we’re challenging you to create a VR Chat avatar.

Please post questions, WIPs and more here and as always refer to the blog announcement for full rules and prize details:

VRChat Challenge? No forum?
VR Chat Challenge
(Kyan0s) #2

hi !

There’s a long time I haven’t take part to a Sketchfab Challenge ! So I decided to participate !

Here the character I’m making, a Humanoid Stygimoloch :

(Kyan0s) #3

Done ! Here my avatar :slight_smile: :

(Paburoviii) #4

Hello! how are you doing? I got inspired by the example of the challange and I made a low poly version of the Monster of Frankenstein here the final model

it is my first time in a Sketchfab Challange :stuck_out_tongue:

(Skyie) #5

Here is my VRChat avatar, for all the D&D lovers - an Owlbear, in cartoon style.

(Naam) #6

A 10K challange just when I reach 10K followers! Serendipity wants me to enter! So here’s Crowza! Modelled in Blocks, rigged and animated in Cinema4D.

(Printbird) #7

So happy to finally post this. I was a little late to the challenge, but I’m so ecstatic with all that I’ve come out from it.

(Kreic) #8

I hope the tag worked. Wanted to upload the subdivided version to sketchfab, though I understand the importance of keeping it under 10K quads for the challenge.

(Wei Chung) #9

My Little Magic Pumpkin!
This is my first challenge hope you guys like the project!

(Miniko) #10

Sorry - forgot to post process here…

Meet Captain Wack Wawo! I really do enjoy these challenges - thanks for keeping me motivated!

(Abby Crawford) #11

And the winner is...

[10K!] Yowza! It's Crowza! by naam

Thanks to all who participated! :mage:

(Naam) #12

Wow! Thanks so much! That’s one 10K I won’t easily forget, thanks to all who followed me!

(Kyan0s) #13

Congrats !! :slight_smile: