[ENDED] Sketchfab May Challenge: Sci-Fi Circus Sculpting


For this month’s sculpting challenge, we’re excited to team up with XP-PEN to offer you an amazing opportunity to win part of over $1400 in prizes!

Our theme is “Sci-Fi Circus”, so we want to see some weird and wonderful creatures, characters and performers that you might find at an intergalactic menagerie.

How to enter: simply sculpt a character that you might find in a sci-fi circus, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #XPPENSculptChallenge.

Full rules and prize details on the blog:


Should be interesting and fun can’t wait to see what people end up making. Weather mans calling for a lot of brainstorming ahead.
First started with photoshop it wasn’t working out too well
image so decided to mess around with zbrush doing some quick 15-30 min sculpts to get an idea of what I want. I like bits and pieces but just rough messing around image image_2020_05_05T12_51_59_507Z


quick question, the “example” features a critter… will the end result want just the critter, or a scene around them… ie the critter, in on the floor of the big top performing tricks for it’s handler?

Good question^ – I was also wondering if the entry need to be literally sculpted, or if ‘sculpted’ just meant: “make a model”?


So does our creatures/character also show his abilities in the sculpt or is a description enough about them ?

@tangent.boi the end result can be any character or creature that you might find at an intergalactic circus. You don’t need to include an environment for it, but you can if you want to.

@mdcrtv the entry needs to be sculpted using whatever sculpting software you prefer (Blender, Mudbox, ZBrush, etc.).

@vanschott whichever you prefer. A description of the creature/character is sufficient, but if you would prefer to animate to show what it does, that is fine too.

Hope that answers your questions! :slight_smile:



thanks for the answer. But technically, if you sculpt, then retopo and project the normal map (to simplify shading or rigging), like in the example, is it still consider sculpting ?

Sound like a lot of fun, thinking of doing some thing color full hmmmm…

Just a question the entry can be in any style or need be realistic , I mean one entry stylized is valid?


Posted mine and I’m very much open to feedback.

EDIT: Since the contest is focusing on sculpts, I’ve uploaded a sculpt-only version.


my entry for the Circus sculpt challenge is going to be a couple of trapeze artists…

heres a rough blocking out… trying to compose it…

trying to create the tension when one artist is in mid-air… just after letting go of their ropes… and not yet grabbed by the other guy

my catcher is going to be somekind of ape-like creature with multiple arms… (not decided on tail yet) the mid-air artist is going to be some kind of reptile… eel… with arms…

don’t know if i’ll bother to sculpt anything fancy on the ground… lets see…


any style as long as its a sculpt.


the retopo (+normal map workflow) is essentially a bit of advice to improve performance.
judging will be on the sculpting… am sure the judges will be able to tell if an entry displays adequate sculpting skill/technique to qualify.

For sculpting challenges I usually dont even unwrap my sculpts for these challenges… usually just display them with a simple sketchfab material… maybe with some vertex paint. I just simplify the mesh to reduce the poly count and upload. People who have tons of detail that can be lost like that, can use a normal map baked from the original sculpt.


Thanks for the complete answer !
I make 3D model since a while now but I never took the time to learn sculpting ^^’
I’ll give it a try, sounds fun :slight_smile:

all the best!

Well I want to make an Armadillo using the death ball :smiley:
But the Armadillo will have an alien look, like translucent skin and mineral scales.
Wish me luck xD (first sculpt ever)


sounds impressive! cant wait to see it

sculpted some cybernetic enhancements on one of the characters


Hi guys, This is my entry for the challenge! I will add some props and another character. It’s a hard work, but we can do it :smile:
I know it’s a sculting challenge but I will reduce the polycount and than I will make a bake from the original sculpt.
I hope you have some feedback for me :wink:


started working on my second character and other elements…

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