[ENDED] Sketchfab Medieval Remix Challenge

Last fall we co-hosted the Medieval Fantasy contest with Mozilla, focusing on the creation of low poly assets for a medieval real-time environment. It was one of our most successful contests to date, with 135 final scenes and a whopping 4,000 freely downloadable assets!

For the next two weeks, we’d like to see what YOU can do with the huge library of free models. So here’s your task: create a new scene using only assets from the Medieval Fantasy challenge. There are no restrictions on the type of scene, but you’re not allowed to create any new assets or modify the existing ones.

TL;DR: Create a new scene using only assets from the Medieval Fantasy contest and tag it with #MedievalRemixChallenge.

Post your work in progress shots & final entries in this thread, and be sure to check the blog post for full rules and prize details:

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Can we resize the assets?

This looks like fun, but I feel we would need to be able to resize the assets at least. The artist’s models are all (probably) of very different scales, exported with different world units and from different software packages, ect.:thinking:

pretty sure scaling them should be fine, just not moving the polys around :wink:

Rescaling will be kind of required. The different asset authors used different scales. So you’d have to rescale just to get different assets to match.

hi @ZaleFairytale @toomanydemons - yes, re-scaling is 100% allowed

Thanks for input @dark_minaz @noonespecial - all correct too.

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are we allowed to pose a rigged creature or do we have to use them in T-Pose? Or cant we use this ones and have to find them posed?
edit: Another question: Are we allowed to give an object an emission color, even if the original one has none? In cases like fire.

For the terrain do we also have to find an asset for that or can we make the terrain so we have a base to start from?

@ch0mpy - yes to posing, yes to emission as long as you’re not adding textures. Both of these fall under ‘presentation’ in my book.

@Blestmist It’s OK to create some basic terrain but everything else must use existing models.

As a general rule for all these kinds of questions, trust your common sense - this is a remix challenge, not a modelling, texturing or other kind of challenge :slight_smile:


@nebulousflynn thanks, thats good to hear :slight_smile:

Then this will be my final entry on this challenge. Enjoy!


Hello everyone,

as we only received one entry for the challenge, we’ve decided to cancel it, re-think it and do this again another time. We dropped the ball on communicating this well enough with everyone.

@ch0mpy: I’m adding one month of PRO to your account for being the only competitor. You’ll be able to re-use your entry for the next round.


Thank you!
That’s fair, I did not expect to get anything :wink:
It’s a bit sad to see that nobody else has participated. It was fun to create a scene with so many prefabricated objects.
Next time, when the challenge comes again, I will create a new scene.


@bartv its so sad to see this Challenge didn’t go as I was expecting. As @ch0mpy said its too fun to arrange and build an environment when u have all props ready. and maybe next challenge people will take a time for this one. looking forward to participating. @ch0mpy appreciate your participation and liked your artwork too. its so cool looking war scene :sunglasses:

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We’ll restart it soon!

Hello everyone! We’re rebooting our Medieval Remix Challenge – due to some communications issues we did not reach the community artists we wanted and as a result, the first version never took off. The topic and rules haven’t changed, so if you had started on something, feel free to submit it.


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I’ve been keen to jump into the contest scene here for a while and I might give this one a shot as my first attempt. I might go for a village riot scenario for this one.

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Hoping to participate in this challenge as well! Good luck to everyone, should be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

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Hello again,

@bartv I had a question about the assets - are the usable assets anything that is tagged with “medievalfantasyassets” as the link sends us to? Or is it only things that we can confirm were used in the past competition? I just noticed that when you sort by most recent, it seems that some of the models with that tag might not be from the competition, so I wanted to clarify.

Thank you!

Correct, only use the ones from https://sketchfab.com/tags/medievalfantasyasset please :slight_smile:

Hello, I have two questions.
What does “make no changes to materials” mean?
Does it mean that we should leave the materials in the 3D properties of our entry as default? Or does it mean that we should not add another texture not included in the asset to change maybe the transparency or the roughness etc?

Is it ok to rig and pose characters?