[ENDED] Sketchfab Modeling Challenge: Cute Robot

This week we challenge you to model a cute robot using your preferred tools and workflow, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #CuteRobotChallenge. The topic, originally suggested by Kidus Eshetu, was selected by the community by popular vote. In truth, cute robots tied with retro electronics—the Sketchfab Community Team broke the tie by flipping a coin. :slightly_smiling_face:

At the end of the challenge, you, the community, will be invited to vote on the winner. We’ll post a topic in the forum when it’s time to vote.

To give or get feedback on entries, head over to the Forum! And to see all of the entries, check out the tag gallery.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


Guess who is in? This guy -> @warkarma


Hey, is my sensor for cute robots is broken or there are not so many cute robots online? Please help me find some references :slight_smile:

  • wall-e and eve are cute
  • so are R2D2 and BB8
  • claptrap is kinda(?) cute in an annoying way
  • also that Beep-0 from Mario x Rabbids
  • or the watering can robots from Super Mario Odyssey
  • Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

A personal favourite are these cute dorks from Batteries Not Included (can you tell I am an 80s kid?):


That movie is SO sad… :cry:

One of my favourite cute robots is from the game Machinarium (play it!):


Hey, just want to say thank you for few interesting ideas. I think I got a picture in my head now. It’s a mix out of few things combined and I hope it will work :sweat_smile:
I also do remember the Batteries Not Included movie.
So much nostalgia :blush:


Hey…is kitbashing in VR allowed ? would love to build one in Gravity Sketch…

Really hope to see @nomadking’s robot for this one!


I’m a HUGE fan of robots… but I’m not gonna have time to enter this one :frowning: But I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with :robot: Beep Boop Beep Boop :robot:

Yeah I’d say that is ok, as long as you credit the provider of your kitbash set.

It just so happens I was cleaning up an old project and stumbling upon this challenge to be able to submit on time.

Guess i’ll use this as my submission, :X


Looks cool. The challenge ends on 23 of Sep, so you have a lot more time if you want to add up to it :slight_smile:

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Very good theme. I’ve been looking how to mix soft materials and metallics+plastic robots part, and that’s what came out. Hope you will like it :slight_smile:


I made another quickie here. It is highly inspired from Matt Dixon work, with its agreement.


I am really bad at making cute things :smiley:

I am planning to add smoothness to it so it will not look so sharp and scary :smile:
WIP (Any tips are welcome)



Work in progress…
A new take on an older concept…rough layout…will try to animate it…
Kitbashed in VR with Gravity Sketch…( Kit by Oleg Ushenok )
Alas i ran into some problems with export from GS…I get stuck with no UVs and only 2 different materials…so i tried to make the best of it for now, using matcap and a bit of grain…


Here is a concept of my little robot I made for this contest, now let’s make it 3D!


Not sure if the robot design has to be original but if not, here is an SD Voltron I just modeled in VR

This is my WIP :smiley: