[Ended] Sketchfab Modeling Challenge: Low Poly Pirates


(Bart) #1

Aye matey!

This week we’ll be sailin’ to hidden ports, be huntin’ fer booty and be drinkin’ large amounts o’ grog, by Davy Jones’ locker! Model any piratey scene, character or prop in low poly style t’ enter, and dinna spare the whip! (Maybe ye could even set yer scene up fer V-Arrrr! :wink:

TL;DR: Design any Pirate scene, character or attribute in a low-poly style, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it with #PiratesChallenge.

:information_source: Be sure to read the full rules and info in the announcement blog post.

(Miekeroth) #2

If I have the time I will, of course, make Davy Jones. I have to think in which setting though :wink:

(Jamesculley) #3

I’m in! I love a good Low Poly scene!

(Yu R I) #4

Finally I have time to take a part in one of the sketchfab challenges. And this theme is interesting to me.
So, I have some thoughts to make some futuristic cyberpunk-pirate character.

(Nomadking) #5

Arrrgggg! Get to work me hearties!! :wink:

(Fabian Orrego) #6

Can I use a 2D concept from another artist?

(Markkrawiec) #7

I have so many Ideas for this. I actually had a Steampunk Artificer character I wanted to build on the back burner for a while, but this would be a good time to convert him into a Steampunk Pirate and jump in for that Sweet Gold!

(Ii2) #8

this seems like a fun challenge!
i think i’m gonna make just a simple scene with a cannon, a barrel of gunpowder… that kind of stuff.
i think i’ll make two versions of texture sets for it: a cute one with vibrant colors and a darker more realistic one

(Berkru) #9

My first challenge ever. I’m planning make a character in Mike Mignola style which I’ve been practicing for awhile. let’s see what is coming out…

(Nonlly) #10

Great challenge, I’m in :smiley: I’ll probably aim for a cute environment.

(Johnny2017) #11

I’m going to design at least one pirate character. I have a base model to make a start. I designed this for a medieval RPG game (see below)

(Somipuspwan 84) #12

Feeling Little bit nervous…
Here is my idea for this exciting challenge, A baby Pirate ready for hunting treasure of milk & yummy honey loop :wink:
I have made a quick sketch for

(Chromasie) #13

Hello everybody,
that sounds great. My favorite topic plus low poly. I’m in! I was thinking about two low poly pirate ships are fighting against each other. Maybe with octopus, some flying fish, smoke, rum…so many ideas. I wish you all a lot of fun.

(Microcyb) #14

My extremely lame attempt once I read the word booty

(Johannes) #15

I’m so in, this seems pretty cool! :smiley:

(roderick3d) #16

Thinking up a scene.

(Damianc) #17

This struck me as a fun little project so giving it a go.

No time for a full scene unfortunately, so trying for 2 small colourful characters,
first base sculpt is a cocker spaniel captain hook. he’ll hopefully be joined by a portly pug version of smee, but I’ll see what time allows.

I wont spend time on sculpting accesories, will add those in with the retoppo which I’m starting now :slight_smile:

(Ab Red) #18

hi there… i’m in the middle of modeling a cartoony looking mech when i saw this challenge, so i think im gonna give it a shot :wink:

and thats the progress so far for today… :slight_smile:

(Ch0mpy) #19

Awesome Challenge. Definatly gonna do something.

My idea is a small sea battle between some “mathematical rodents” on a ship and a cannon tower or something :grinning:

(Bart) #20

I’m psyched to see that everyone’s so into Pirates! :slight_smile: