[ENDED] Sketchfab Modeling Challenge: Trash

Garbage, filth, trash, refuse, rubbish. No matter what you call it, it’s the stuff that someone doesn’t want anymore. This week we challenge you to model some trash using your preferred tools and workflow, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #TrashChallenge.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


** A framed art print of the winning entry**
lol, really? :smiley:
What if its too realistic?


“Why are you displaying a picture of garbage?”

Me: “I can explain…”


There are so many visually interesting things that can be done with garbage. Make it cool enough and it’ll look awesome on your wall. :wink:


Is photoscanning allowed for this one?

glad one doesn’t get a 3D print delivered :wink:


@abbyec said in the discord:

Just true modeling

Phew, of course I’ve forgot about deadline.
Welp, at least I won’t be able to digress to much.
Behold: Trash Golem - a horrible creature conceived on the junkyard from the unsorted trash. His life wasn’t easy and it’s time for him to step out of the litter world to strike vengeance on those whom ignoring their trash responsibilities.

Preliminary sketches:

Honestly though, tendency to sketch BIGGER further I get was accidental, but looks like it was a sign of idea completion.

Horribly photobashed idea:

Horribly sculpted, eh, sculpt is the next step.


Looking cool, thought that as one of my ideas. Too bad :frowning:

Is it allowed car parts any other than rubbish, garbage and trash ? Also I have only 1 upload right per month but used it this month. Do I have to upgrade my membership to upload my model ? Also is violence allowed ? Sorry too many questions.

Jeez, my next classes should be about time management.

You can upload, but it will be forcefully set to downloadable.

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Thank you Ostap ! Your model looks great.

19 Tem 2020 Pzr 04:09 tarihinde Ostapblendercg via Sketchfab Forum <community@sketchfab.com> şunu yazdı:

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Ready to shine through Painter

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Phew, I made it!

Good luck everyone!


Looks really cool. Well done! :slight_smile:

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Looks! Amazing! :metal:

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I was building a scene, but found something similar was made by @MonkyStudio so I took a 180° turn and started building a nuclear power plant scene with some radiation waste in its backyard. Unfortunately I ran out of time, so will have to finish it this weekend :frowning:

Here is a screenshot preview. It will be Free as usual. Also, it is going to be part of my little game demo I am building for Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It should be around Q4 of this year.


Cutest power plant I’ve ever seen!

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You all made a landfill’s worth of garbage models. :slight_smile: And we loved them. :heart: But there can only be one…

And the winner is...

Trash Golem #trashchallenge by @ostapblendercg

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“This was a fun take on the challenge idea - I really love the details on the individual pieces of trash.” - Phil Clark (@nomadking)

“It’s a really quality model, nice textures and details, good volumes, nice wind effect, nice back story, it’s an original idea for a Transformer hahaha.” - Kevin (@KevinCayuelaBorg)

“An imaginative and fun take on the challenge theme with solid design, nice materials and scene set up.” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)

“I like the creativity of this model, really using the full extent of the possibility given by the rules.” - Geoffrey (@geoffreymarchal)


Congratulation to Bohdan Lvov ( @ostapblendercg) ! It is a really cool trash golem ! Well done :smile:

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