[ENDED] Sketchfab November Challenge: Retro Electronics

Hey look it’s another games console!

I’m making the Atari Jaguar, the last Atari console from 1993. I had a few gaming machines growing up but this is the one stuck with me. Also, it’s very underrepresented on sketchfab!


Oh hai. My idea “Сatlamp” (russian name is “Котолампа”). Retro vacuum tube + cat head.

20.11.19 Update.


Motorola 9100-T


Hi guys! Finally I finished this little scene around two big reference from 80s.
I wanted to show the nostalgia of those years and how the little ones lived it. A small tribute those years :star_struck:

Some reference and details on this scene, feel free to explore it!.
Hope you like it.


Hello :slight_smile: I’ve just finished my entry for this contest, here’s all my childhood :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wanted to animate this (syncronized with sound) so i baked 2 differents scenes to make it possible. I hope you will like it

Have fun !


Wow, what’s with all of these amazing entries for this month’s contest? :slight_smile:

Here’s what I got so far. I’ve recently completed the 3D model and in the process of getting the UV unwrapping done. :electric_plug:


Check my Retro tv with netxflix included https://skfb.ly/6OM6C

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Hi, this is my first post in sketchfab, I hope to finish this challenge in time…
Here it’s my entry, I choose The Walkman from Sony, I started modeling in 3ds max

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I love yugioh !! ~

I refer to the electronic cosmic tones of the 80s and the ancient helmet design to join the card tribute design. I hope everyone likes it.


I just have to say that I deeply enjoy all the entries for this challenge! It brings back a ton of good memories :slight_smile:


Update on the model, I did the cartridge.


Hi All

Great entries so far. I decided to go 90’s retro with a mobile device that was infamous in its time, the Nokia 3310. Enjoy


That’s not retro… I bet you’re still using one of them! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Looks great <3


Modeling an F-91W with 2 piece nato (based on my own). It’s super relaxing because when I don’t know what to do I just look at my watch. Hoping to have it done for the challenge =)


i love it XD

it looks so sharp

haha thanks , i dont even know if they would still work? sim size etc…?

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Hah. They are indestructible :wink: sim fits as well.

You could probably rob a Bank with one of those :thinking:

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Fuck, I’ve missed a few days and see everything there is…
How many artifacts, and I without publishing mine, ARGHH
Wait for me, I don’t say more!
@shaderbytes … what the hell ahaha I used that to find police radars :smiley:

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So this is my entry - imagining my first PC in the early 90s, looking back on it now in 2019. More info in the description.

I don’t usually enter competitions (this is maybe my…second…? ever) as I can never commit the time to get something done in a month. However, I have to say, I did really enjoy this. And I think the deadline was a good motivator (as I tend to let 3D projects drag on and on).

I was feeling pretty good about it, until I took at look at the quality of the other entries - :smile: Some phenomenal stuff.

Thanks everyone.