[ENDED] Sketchfab November Challenge: Retro Electronics

just in time finished my antique phone. Let me know what you guys think!


My submission



So , i’am here to share 4 days of works , i’am happy to see a challenge about the retro era, i love the 80’s since i’am 6, it’s my first time doing a challenge like that i’am 16 so i have study’s it was hard for me to model and study at the same time but fun ^^, my model is about a NYPD office in the mid 90’s’(with an cool IBM PC XT from 1983), im gonna take a lot of time to put reference from 80’s maybe an easter egg i hope i would have time cause for me the model is still not perfect xD, actually i’am happy with the keyboard its my first time doing so much details. have a nice day and i wish you luck you’re all awesome !

PS: and yeah the chair is awfull xD if i got time im gonna fix it ^^ when i started i was like OH THIS IS AMAZING IM GONNA DO A POLICE OFFICE THIS IS GONNA BE SO EASY
3 crash
2 bluescreen
and many tryharding later , i just finished a chair that looks weird.


The Universe took a look at my plans and swapped everything around.
Sooooooo, I ran out of time :crazy_face:

I am planning this weekend to finish texturing this beast:

P.S. It will be FREE, so keep an eye for an update :face_with_monocle:


Looks amazing though :fist:

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Good on you but you are aware these competitions have start and end dates. You cant “hope” you have more time as you mention… because actually there is no more time left - the competition closing date , the 2nd December , has been reached.

You should always click and read the rules, rather than guessing- it helps ( the competition page was linked at the top of this thread , as is always done for most all competitions )

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Hey guyz, here’s my model. I wanted to do a fictional product and I’ve spend couple of days in the design, so it took longer than expected. It’s my take on casette players, combined with qualities of walkman into a fun-size, cool-loking device. Enjoy and please comment! :slight_smile:


What the friend says: @Shaderbytes is a reality.
(But shss, don’t tell anyone that sometimes the rules can be broken, this is a secret) :female_detective:

I’m glad you like that time, try to finish it.

I’m going to bet 3 euros, that you resist, the textures!
(3 euros worth a coffee, right?) :coffee:

Hey mate ,i Always read the rules dont worry and thanks for the advice i tried my best to finish everything . Even i did not but it’s okay i used to have fun and i think it’s the most important for me ^^.

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Hah. The bet is ON! I can feel the smell of coffee already!

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Ha ha , xD even if its not for the challenge i would finish everything. I actually uploaded the model 1h before the end but only textured the keyboard Key, but you can’t updated it no ? I’am New in sketchfab ^^ and have a nice day too

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Of course you can update the textures, the only problem is: that maybe the judges have already made their verdict, depending on what they have seen!
(Maybe it was before his new textures, or maybe later).

May the force guide you, young Padawan :sunglasses: :

I didn’t quite finish this one. I had a busy month and didn’t get as much time to work on this as I would have liked. So I stuck some quick textures on.

There was supposed to be cables, games and I have the 1980s TV I used to play this on 90% modelled.

As there are so many great entries for this competition I don’t think another console in front of an old TV would have cut it anyway.

I’ll try and get this finished in a couple of weeks.

Good luck everyone!

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So… now that this has ended, how does the voting work exactly?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to win, but I am interested to know who did.

The blog says that after the deadline the community will be asked to vote for the winner… I’ve not seen any invite. Have I missed it?

Community Voting is Now Open!

Click through and share the poll with your followers!


Ha ha yeah it’s ok i actually updated my first upload(it’s an police car) and i’am making textures for my scene and the IBM pc xt.
still need to finish the floor and the desk and fix topology!

actually is the desk color okay ? i don’t know a lot about 80’s desk but i tried mybest xD
so here i’am still working on it , will keep you updated comrade !
this was fun xD, hey i don’t know how i can tell that to the staff but it would awsome to have an retro vehicles challenge what do you think about this idea ?

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This challenge had a great turnout and you all did amazing work that filled us with nostalgia. The community has voted, and the winner is…

Retro Vibes by @cmartin3D

Keep up the great work, everybody! :space_invader:


Congratulations! :partying_face:
Very good job :+1:

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