[ENDED] Sketchfab + Oculus Medium VR Challenge: Kitbashing

It’s like the old saying goes: the sum is greater than the parts. Let this be your motto as you kitbash your way through our latest sponsored VR Challenge…

We have again joined forces with the Oculus™️ Medium team! We’re challenging you to kitbash a model using Oculus Medium in VR. Participate and you can win an Oculus Sensor (great for a 3-sensor setup for full room-scale VR!) and a set of Oculus Earbuds.

TL;DR: Kitbash a model in Oculus Medium, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #OculusKitbashChallenge.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:


OK, these are my first kitbash models. I actually don’t know if I’ll have time to create more, I’ll create a simple texture for each one of them and upload the finals models to Sketchfab.


So i’m fairly new to 3d modeling. I recently started some beginner tutorials in Blender which compared to oculus medium is quite a challenge. For this build i’m only using the standard stamps in medium because i found it tedious to import new stamps. First off all i couldn’t get the staps from Sketcfab to work properly after import. (i read some where that a quick import and export in windows 3d builder would resolve the problem). And also, do i need to import the stamps obj file into another 3d program to divide them before i import to Medium or is there an easier way to do this? Thus far i’m Love Oculus Medium and i’m looking forward to upload some kitbashes if i manage to finish some😊

do i need to import the stamps obj file into another 3d program to divide them before i import to Medium

That’s probably the way to go. You technically can do it entirely inside Medium: Import the obj with all the pieces, erase all but one piece and make it a stamp, repeat for all the pieces you want. Would be pretty tedious if the obj file has many pieces that you want to save as stamps. So, probably better off splitting the obj pieces in 3d program (e.g. Blender).

Thanks, i’ll try it :+1: But if i ’ m not mistaken Medium can mass-import stamps/meshes. And if so, it would be easy if the stamps were made into packages of separate obj files. But hey, i’m just grateful that people make time to create these stamps for us to play with :grinning:

My problem is the imported stamps is too low resolution some times :frowning:

Have you tried increasing the resolution in the Medium menu for that specific layer? If it is the same as me where the stamps just gets mushi and Inacurate? Than the quick import and export in windows 3d builder in windows 10 may resolve the problem, but i haven’t tried it.

I will check this, thank you :slight_smile:

Any tip how can I export my model from with emissive lights? When I upload the model here my emissive materials is flat :frowning:

UPDATE 1: Okay, I have an idea, maybe I can solve it :slight_smile:

UPDATE 2: I can’t solve the emissive problem. If I select the correct layer and I turn on the emissive nothing happened :frowning:
This is my model: https://skfb.ly/6CWtr
(emissive the turquoise eyes and the dirty marbles at the “legs”)
This is what I would like to reach:

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But if i ’ m not mistaken Medium can mass-import stamps/meshes.

It can – after you split them up first in another 3d program. :wink: The mass import is supported in the asset browser, meaning you can import multiple obj files at a time (not multiple pieces from one obj file).

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Any tip how can I earn the closest results like my screenshot? :worried:
Update: I make triks with lights. Maybe it’s okay now.

My last two models

My last sketch is coming :slight_smile: This was my first plan but I surrended it.
But I still have a little time before the NYC Midnight :smiley:

I’m a little sad, because the compression (my archeology work, 7,3%, 256), but maybe it’s okay. I need to sleep because in my local time is 4am, but I uploaded, so I can rest now :smiley:

heres my model! Good luck everyone!!

Apologies for the delay, everyone, but we will be announcing the winner of the Kitbashing Challenge at the beginning of next week. Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you for the information

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Hi, any news about the winners? Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks to everybody for their patience! :slight_smile:

And the winners are...

3rd Place: Bacteriophage #1 by alecz1k

2nd Place: Mecha Kong by rinse

1st Place: Vehicle from 3D my Graphic Novel by spiraloid

Thanks to all who participated! :star: