[ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 2: Mythological Creature

(Nebulousflynn) #1

:warning: decided to restart this challenge and make it easier to enter: just download the retopologized model to get started! Head over to this topic to learn more.

@Welcome to Round 2 of our first Progressive Challenge, a new type of challenge that draws on the many skills of our community members to take a model from idea to completion in four neat steps. We have a winning sculpt from the first round, and now it’s time to retopologize, unwrap, bake, and texture it.

(Kovalevich) #2

Oh, I thought everyone would make their own model before the finals…

(Nebulousflynn) #3

As stated in the rules for Round 1:

A winner will be chosen by the judges for Round 1, and that winning entry will be the subject of Round 2.

The progressive challenge is really about how different people approach the same task, with the same constraints.

It would be totally cool if you follow through all the stages on your own model as a personal project, it just won’t be part of this official challenge.

(Pallavicini Daniele) #4

Hi, can I add some cards for add details to the hair? (something like this)

(Alice B) #5

So in the end I will be dropping out at this length of the challenge as the retopology of the model was taking much too long compared with my usual time left :slight_smile: will give it a go in the end to make my own take on it, but for now I with everyone participating all the luck.

Also, as a mention, this certainly did not look like a ‘neutral pose’ as it was mentioned in the first part of the challenge. I found it quite more time consuming to do the retopology in this case :stuck_out_tongue:

And, here is a screenshot of some of what was done so far:)

(Skaldy) #6

Hello .
Here is my choice for the contest, Weaver textured.

GL, Bye

(Pallavicini Daniele) #7

Here my entry for the 2nd round of the challenge. Feedbacks are appreciated. :slight_smile:

(Nebulousflynn) #8

Hi everyone!

We decided to restart this challenge and make it easier for more people to enter: just download a retopologized model to get texturing. You can find all the details in this new thread below or on the blog:

cc. @kovalevich @pallavicini_daniele @Alice.B @skaldy

(Nebulousflynn) closed #9