[ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 2 REBOOT: Mythological Creature

(Nebulousflynn) #1

We decided to restart this challenge and make it easier to enter: just download the retopologized model to get started!

Welcome to the Rebooted Round 2 of our first Progressive Challenge, a new type of challenge that draws on the many skills of our community members to take a model from idea to completion in four neat steps.

We learned the hard way that the community is not fond of retopologizing ( understatement? ). This time around, we would like you to download the already retopologized model by toomanydemons, and texture it. (Feel free to download the hi-res version if you want to do your own normal bakes etc.)

Full rules + information on the blog:

[ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 2: Mythological Creature
[ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 2: Mythological Creature
(Canary Games) #2

Well, here is my entrance … just out of a nightmare!

It looks a little dark, it serves to disguise the many small mistakes. (fuck does not have lips?) Well I’ve seen worse things

By the way, I have left the “Subsurface Scattering / Skin” activated.

(Canary Games) #3

My second entry, although it is the same as the first … it has some fixes:
Now he has lips, a little facial shading …

(Michael Nixon) #4

Just finished up my texture today, glad i got in before the cutoff.

(Mogiee) #5

Finished cranking this out last night…kind of tired now :sleeping:

(Avalero) #6

Hi all! Here’s my contribution to the challenge, I thought I would never make it after spending all my free time the first 2 weeks in the retopo, but the reboot saved me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I tried to go realistic style with the skin and the spider body, I used real life references for the look of the spider skin and eyes. Also going full greek with the white tunic, the choice of the metals for the jewelry and the leather bracelets.

Hope you like it! :relaxed:

(Kattynote) #7

Hi there!
Here’s my finished challenge work.
I created combative Arachne to protect against dangerous creatures from Greek mythology.
On her face you can see lettering, which remind the cause her spider body. For this I finded the table of correspondence between Cyrillic and Runes.

(Al Maitov) #8

a little bit glam Arahne, but i hope still mythological

(Abby Crawford) #9

And the winner is...

MythCreature Round 2: Arachne by Wiktoria Kubien

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“Great work, I especially like the distribution of details of different frequency within the textures!” - Phil

“I love the richness of the texture. Every part has a specific texture, attention has been paid to the detail. However, the details are not overwhelming and don’t disrupt the global structure of the model. I also appreciate the author trying to keep some logic in the texture: clothes looks like fabrics, claws are shiny translating their sharpness, skin is rough but still flexible. The texture really helps to “read” the different materials of the creature.” - Geoffrey

“It definitely turned into “something hideous” (citing Wiktoria here), but very well executed… The body of the spider looks really convincing, and I’m impressed by the overall PBR work. Bonus points for the satin-cloth and the fabulous nail polish!” - Loïc

“This entry has a very interesting approach to the material property of the skin and spider body. It reads well from afar and still has a lot of small details to make it hold up even when viewed up close. There is lots of color and texture variation.” - Christoph

“Very nice colour palette, good use of bright accentual colours like the turqoise nails/hair and gold details. Both human and spider parts look like they are actually part of one body, having the same level of detail, redness and roughness on the skin! Very good execution! Also the additional eyes push the initial idea of the sculpt even further, making her look dangerous and even more like a beast. Nice paint job on the shirt.” - Nathalie

(Wiktoria Kubien) #10

Thank you so much for all the kind words! I’m so happy right now, I have a hard time not grinning to my PC haha. Definitely made my day (or even the week).

Do you have maybe some feedback on what could still be refined or done better? I really want to improve with my work! Again, thank you!!! ୧〳 ” ʘ̆ ᗜ ʘ̆ ” 〵୨

(Canary Games) #11

Congratulations Wiktoria!! :partying_face:

(Toomanydemons) #12

Very nice work Wiktoria! Congrats! :metal:

(Nomadking) #13

Congrats! :smiley: