[ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 3: Rigging and Animation

(Nebulousflynn) #1


Welcome to Round 3 of our first Progressive Challenge, a new type of challenge that draws on the many skills of our community members to take a model from idea to completion in four neat steps. We have a winning texture from the second round, and now it’s time to rig and animate it.

Read the blog post for full rules and details:

(Abby Crawford) #2

And the winner is...

MythCreature Round 3 - Animation by Ozhogi

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“The length of the animation is a good point, and the timing is accurate. I like the contrast between slow movement and rapid attack move. Seamless loop. This animation need some VFX to be insane!” - Willy

“The seamless loop, the sense of other elements around the character, the number of different actions, the creepy pulsating abdomen - this is amazing!” - Tom

“Love this one, it’s a great story arc told by the animation, very well animated and with attention to detail including movement of abdomen or realistic spider movement. And you win the crown for incorporating the “anime-run” in this models animation :D” - Phil

“He/she made an almost complete storyline. I love the pauses in the animation and the tension. The whole thing looks alive.” - Mieke

“The animation is amazing from start to finish! I particularly love the start pose which is really very interesting, because despite its apparent staticity, you managed to make the creature very lively, because of that breathing, the movement of the eyelids, the hair that moves when Arachne moves her head and especially with the animation of her hands on her legs, and the way the left hand follows the movement of the leg on which it is placed when the creature rises, giving consistency to her body. Making her body tangible A very good job!” - Cédric