[ENDED] Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 4: 3D Editor

Update : the deadline for this challenge has been extended by one week. Entries are now due by Wednesday, May 8.

Welcome to the final round of our first Progressive Challenge, a new type of challenge that draws on the many skills of our community members to take a model from idea to completion in four neat steps. We have a winning animation from the 3rd round, and now it’s time to make it look even better using Sketchfab’s 3D Editor.

Full rules and prize details in the blog post:

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This is the idea, maybe I’ll made some modifications by the deadline

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My idea was to create a creature with a body with a robot part and an organic part in a scene where a chromatic effect would be seen as in a scene created with an old video camera; in this way and together with being half robot, it could seem like a Sci-Fi scene about this mythological creature.


A big thanks to everybody who participated in this round - and other rounds - of the Progressive Challenge! We loved seeing what you created. :spider:

And the winner is...

Mythcreature round 4 - 3D Editor (with Sound) by Carl Damy

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“The sound perfectly fits the animation. Nice color.” -Mieke

“I love how she steps out of the shadows and takes center stage. The criss-crossing shadows of her legs as she walks out is a very neat effect. The soft blues and greens play well with the bloom to give her a dream-like quality.” -Allen

“I love the build up as Arachne moves into the light and then … BOOM! The ‘undead’ look is also strong.” -Tom

“I really like how the lighting is carefully placed to cause creepy shadows at the beginning part of the animation and then the character steps into the light to be viewed in its full glory!” -Phil

“Nice use of light to highlight model when it comes out of the dark.” -Tony



Many thanks to the Jury! I’m really happy to win this round :blush:

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