[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: #AlienChallenge2017

(Bart) #1

We’re going into outer space this month! (Or, well, maybe they’re already among us) For our new sculpting challenge, we’re exploring alien life. Are they really all that scary looking? What does an alien goofball look like, or an alien doing a boring job? (Personally, I’d love to know where all those cows go!)

TL;DR: Sculpt an alien using your favourite sculpting tool, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it with #AlienChallenge2017.

Read full details on the blog.

(Jcg The Great) #2

Yess, definitely gonna join this one!

(Bart) #3

Awesome, looking forward to it!

(Xiaohai0726) #4

Hi, i just created an alien queen not long ago, can i use it to join this challange?

(Bart) #5

Afraid not, this is for new work only - see the rules.

(Lukesh) #6


I'm pretty new to sketchfab and never really joined a competition, but I'm very interesed in joining this one!

I have a couple of question first though, I only have a trial version of Zbrush, so I assume I can't use it, so is Blender an acceptable "Sculpting tool" because it has sculpting features? Can I also use substance painter 2 to do the texturing or is it one software only?

Thank you very much!

(Bart) #7

Hi @Lukesh, welcome to Sketchfab :slight_smile:

You can use any tool you like, and multiple tools as well. Your work will only be rated on the sculpting qualities, so instead of texturing you can also rely on our new MatCaps for displaying it:

(Lukesh) #8

Good to know, thanks for your response!

(Rybird) #9

I created a second entry, not realizing until I was finished, only one was allowed.
SI will post my second one first. and then the one I already entered. If one is preferable over the other please let me know. Thank you for the fun and the opportunity. Ry

and this next one I have already tagged it.

(Omar Hp) #10

I'm new to contests on Sketchfab and I'll give a try to this one.
I'll be working on a different version of Zilch from Space Jam.

(Bart) #12

You can submit multiple entries, no problem!

(Ubro's Artworks) #13

Wσrk ís ín prσgrєss........

(Davijo Man) #14

Fantastic theme! Looking to get started on this one today after I get finished with the Low Poly Challenge!

(Rybird) #15

Thank you!, I will tag it as such. cheers!

(Ubro's Artworks) #16


(Agarris8) #17

here are a couple WIPs from my alien project

(Jcg The Great) #18

At first, I wanted to sculpt a Predalien (Alien Predator Hybrid) bust, but I find it difficult while sculpting it, so I decided to sculpt a Predator bust which is quiet easier for me.
Here's a WIP.
I'm using Blender :slight_smile: .

(Agarris8) #19

still working out a few bugs :stuck_out_tongue: having a great time working on this

(Robotgoat) #20

Excited to try my hand at this! Ill be using 3d Coat!

(Emmanem2099) #21

Hello everyone, i'm so excited about this challenge as it is one of my favorite subjects (i strongly believe in aliens). Here is an update of what i'm currently working on.