[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Angels and Demons #AngelsAndDemonsChallenge

Hello all! Here’s where you can post your WIPs for the new 3D sculpting challenge, theme is Angels and Demons, offer constructive critique, or just get inspired! To enter, be sure to add the #AngelsAndDemonsChallenge tag to your scene.

Well, which one are you? Pick your side and become the creator of celestial beings… or the destroyer of all?


Thank you for the opportunity and fun. Here is my contribution.
Gzaklach Demon sculpture.
I created three simple demon wing shapes then merged them into one and kept sculpting til it was ugly enough. :slight_smile:
The background is Kzorphex Mii the Signal art from The Alternity Collection at Dabble Bird, and is reflected from the model.

Again thank you and look forward to seeing all the beautiful work submitted. Ry


Well- I will probably go a bit less orthodox way. My angel is going to be wearing cargo pants, combat boots and lean on a bar, with cigarette in one hand and drink in another. Anyway- here is a WIP model (as usual I am going to be updating it daily)


amazing entry @RadoslawKurczewski , very elegant :slight_smile:

@Rybird that material is spectacular… however the judges will ultimately only view it in matcap mode … so maybe a bit more definition? but i do like the idea of combining the wings… like a “dark seraphim”

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a doodle … still not sure I want to do a demon only though… lets see


Thank you!
Yes, you are right, more definition is needed without the material. I may may a second one for the contest and leave this one as it’s good and nasty like it is .:slight_smile: And your work looks great! Best regards, Ry

an idea i am playing with and made quickly last night, im going to be taking reference from Omega Shenron, Super Buu and the adramelzon by Lance Wink insonfor this one.


Quick concept sculpt done in zbrush.


I’m really excited about this project! I wanted to do a demon but I need to practice more on hardsurfaces so I’m doing an angel for this. I’m going to use diablo’s artstyle and designs for my character. Here is a quick draft just to have some pieces on place. I’m missing some big parts and the weapon. Once everything is in place it will be time to details and have some fun :D.
Any C&C is welcomed


Hello again!. It was suggest to create more detail since being judged on sculpting alone, so I did that, made a few changes and am still using material to reflect of, for purpose of aesthetics for the public.
Again, thank you for the fun and the opportunity to contribute to the community. Ry


I thought if Angels were a thing they would probably be made of pure energy.
So I had this idea of a lighting bolt kind of being.


A minor update. I’ve been toying with idea for some time and I think I finally got a direction I want to go in. Time for right hand re- do, to match original :slight_smile:


Another preview of my Angel. I think the most important part of an angel are the wings. I did a wing study a while back and got terrible results, so I decided to try to copy and tweak the wings in HOTS diablo themed map where there’s an angel fighting a demon. The feathers aren’t finished yet but you get an idea of how the whole wing will look.


Absolutely great man. I love the feathering.

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Hello everyone !
That’s a cool challenge ! I didn’t realize Sketchfab was hosting sculpting challenges ! I’m so excited about it, such a great opportunity to improve :smiley:

@RadoslawKurczewski I love your idea of an angel in a pub ! looking forward to seeing the final piece :slight_smile:
@joansantus amazing work on the wing !!

So, I chose my side to be the Demon one. Since the challenge is focusing on sculpting, I’ll try to make something like a marble statue. My subject for now is a female demon, maybe a princess, lazily seated on a stone throne.
I’ll try to achieve a style approaching the statues sculpted for Castelvania the lord of Shadows 2 by Daniel Orive. (few others in his gallery).

Here’s my character so far :

I’m looking forward to seeing all your work :smile: the entries are very different so far it’s really cool to see !


This is great. I’m hoping to do an angel too but am a bit intimidated by the wings. All the best with the rest of your model!

ok here is my base mesh for angel


Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at creating a devil.
I’m still a student and learning as much as I can.
Currently, trying out different designs and ideas with my character.
Thank you~


Hello all! This is my first time entering a contest here and I’m very excited because the concept of angels/demons/celestial beings in general is something I find very fascinating.
I went for a more historical approach, basing mine off of the description of a Cherub given in the Book of Ezekiel:

That one has the rough draft underneath the parts that are finished so you can get an idea of the design. Here’s the final(?) draft of the torso and human face:

I have a background in traditional sculpture but I’m very new to digital sculpting so I’m just kind of making this up as I go along. What I’m doing right now is using Dynotopo (I’m using Blender) to rough out the form and then retopologizing it with the help of the shrink wrap modifier, then adding a multires modifier and sculpting in the details. Any information of a better/faster way of sculpting in Blender without getting an insane polygon count is much appreciated :grin: (as well as critiques of the sculpture itself, of course)


sadly blender does not have advanced features like other 3d sculpting applications. I say this because with others you can opt to sculpt micro surface detailing directly to a normal map representation instead of insanely small topology. other than that you will just have to utilize dynatopo to thee best you can, only making areas that require small detailing have small polygons. You can optimize the mesh as a whole from time to time or paint levels of detail into the specific areas.