[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Digital Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s time to bring out the pumpkins and carve your Jack-o’-lantern! We’re super excited to have Wacom’s support for this challenge - they’re providing several Intuos tablets as well as a Bamboo Duo stylus pen as prizes!

For this challenge, we’re providing you with a 3D scan of a pumpkin as a starting point. Download it, open it with your favourite sculpting software and start carving and sculpting! While this challenge is focused on sculpting, you’ll get extra points for adding scary lighting and atmosphere.

TL;DR: Download the pumpkin base model, sculpt it any way you like. Publish it on Sketchfab and tag it #PumpkinCarvingChallenge.

Full details on the blog.

Update: here’s an updated version of the pumpkin - remeshed, with quads instead of triangles:


Hi, really excited for the project. Can we retopo the model after sculpt? What about the textures? Can we apply our own textures?

Yes & yes :slight_smile:

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can I modify the Pumpkin ?( Like make it tall and change some proportions)

Sure! As long as you can sculpt it, you’re good :slight_smile:

Hey, Can you guys add an OBJ file format to the download section so I can work on it in 3d coat? Looking forward to working on this.

Good point! I’ve attached it to the first post in this topic.

Im in! Got a question tho. What exactly will be judged? The pumpkin itself, or the overall scene? Meaning, if I add supporting background, will it influence the judgement ?


I imported this model as a mesh reference for Oculus Medium. Once into my space, I converted to clay and just began carving :slight_smile: I’ll probably do a few designs.

Be sure to turn it over for another face!


Can we add things to the pumpkin like Limbs made of Vine or Wood? Or is this more traditional carving? Pumpkin Monster off limits?

Hi.I have also decided to participate.

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Yeah it’s okay to add props etc.

Hey everyone! Quick update: @miekeroth provided a remeshed version of the Pumpkin by @mauricesvay - it’s remeshed and uses quads now instead of triangles. This should make it a little easier to use in some sculpting apps. Thanks Mieke :slight_smile:

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Sounds Like a lot of fun. heres a simple face to start things off.

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here’s my first entry with a vintage style grin.


Spend 12 hours and i did it. I thought it will be too hard for me, but no. I learned a lot because of it. Thanks for interesting contest, Sketchfab and Wacom. I got new experience. <3 Привет из России :slight_smile:


Really happy to get some practice with substance. :slight_smile:




Super nice :slight_smile:

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Going to try myself this way. Hope it is allowed =)