[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Flying Creatures

(Bart) #1

This week we’re taking to the air!! We’re challenging you to sculpt awesome airborne creatures in action. Realistic or fantasy – it’s up to you.

TL;DR: Use your favourite sculpting tools to create any flying creature, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #FlyingCreaturesChallenge.

Post your work in progress shots & final entries in this thread, and be sure to check the blog post for full rules and prize details:

(T Shahan) #2

Oh! I might have to join this contest - great idea!

(Adan) #3

I’m in!

(Nima Memari) #4

ohoho hooo :slight_smile: now this one is really hard to say no to ^^ I hope I can find enough free time for it.

(Deftroy) #5

Now this is a contest for me! i’ll be trying to sculpt a cute yet realistic looking baby dragon.

(Bart) #6

Glad to see everyone likes the topic :+1:We’re looking forward to seeing some WIP work here :slight_smile:

(Toomanydemons) #7

For this contest I"m going to sculpt Cthulhu:

(Lostsoundzz) #8

@bartv I’m a bit curious… if I create a new servo skull, as in Warhammer 40k. :sweat_smile:
Can it be a creature? Or it must be an organism creature for this Challenge?

(Adan) #9

something I started, not really feeling it but I’ll still finish this one.

(The Insomniac) #10

Does it have to be something that flies naturally or is a bear with a jetpack alright?

(Toomanydemons) #11

This is my progress so far. You can watch me work on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/toomanydemons
I’ll be keeping my progress videos around in the archives :slight_smile:

I’m not sure yet whether I want to work with high res subdivision or with sculptris pro. I want him to be very detailed (because he’s awfully big…), and some brushes (such as the polish brushes) work much better in standard subdivision… Still, sculptris is a lot of fun and easy to use. So I may backtrack and just detail him in sculptris.

(Megiant) #12

Awesome! Jumping in on this one!

Night 1 WIP!

(Bart) #13

Haha, nice to see that ‘Flying Creatures’ is turning into ‘Flying Monsters’ :wink:

(Toomanydemons) #14

Hey, monsters are creatures! :smiley:

(Bart) #15

Absolutely! No discrimination intended :wink:

(Adan) #16

well, here’s the completed sculpt, still a bit more to do.

(roderick3d) #17

I’ll be working on an undead dragon inspired by a warcraft frost wyrm. Today’s starting blockout. render

(Toomanydemons) #18

My work so far with Cthulhu. I did some simple detailing and added the armature for the wings. You can watch my progress at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/252021185

I was running into some framerate issues with sculptris. I will have to start breaking this mesh up a bit. My plan in the end is to switch to subdivisions and add even more detail with an alpha pass.


(Adan) #19

Here the finished sculpt, I tried to keep the textures to a minimum hopefully not too distracting.

(Toomanydemons) #20

Unfortunately due to my family and weather/connection complications, my third session on twitch was split up into three videos. Here is my progress so far (in order):

I used blender to create a thin sculpt-able surface for Zbrush. The new Sculptris tools are amazing for ripping tattered edges in wings.:slight_smile:

Usually Cthulhu is depicted in the ocean, but for the purposes of this contest, I’ll make him flying; I have my own ideas about a dynamic pose for this. Once I lay down the forms and basic detail, I’ll do some more posing, remesh, and begin the high detail pass.

It’s great that Cthulhu is in the public domain. I think I’d like to remesh this later into a fantastic, enormous game asset for the Unreal engine.