[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Flying Creatures

(Arturo Bermudez) #62

finally got my entry in. I wanted to do more with it but i did what i could with the time I had. next time I’ll join the challenge on time. :worried:

(Xbp28) #63

Hello everyone, here is my creation. A pirate goblin flying in search of the treasures of the sky. But where is his crew?


(Nebulousflynn) #64

:honeybee: :bird: :dragon: Challenge over! :owl: :duck: :bat:

We’ll announce the winners on Friday - check out all the awesome entries here.

(Nebulousflynn) #65

And the winner is…

Flying Cthulhu by @toomanydemons

Thanks to everyone who took part!

(Dark Minaz) #66

so many nice entries, congrats to cthulhu for winning the contest :slight_smile:

(Toomanydemons) #67

Thanks! :slight_smile: I really loved sculpting this model. I’ve wanted to sculpt Cthulhu for a really long time and finally got around to it. Cthulhu is awesome.

(Noonespecial) #68

Can’t say I’m surprised by the winner of this contest. I do love me some Cthulhu and that’s one of the best ones I’ve seen.

(Renceed) #69

Well done and congrats on the win!