[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Sorcery


This week we challenge you to sculpt a sorcery-related character, prop, or scene, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #SorceryChallenge.

Full rules and prize details in the blog announcement:


As a non-sculpter, I’d love to see a time lapse video of someone’s entry too if they have time?

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Hey :slight_smile: Is texturing or coloring allowed ? Or is it sculpting only ? Never done much sculpting and I’d really like to try my hand at it

Hi! Your entry will only be judged on the sculpting - we’ll be looking at all entries in Matcap view for this.

Thanks for the info :wink:

I would like to create a Storm-Giant Battle-mage… it sounds super cool. I will stream and record, & put together a time-lapse as well. :slight_smile:

Since the contest involves a scene, I’ll make him standing high above a forest, perched on a bluff overlooking some small houses. He’ll be casting a spell that will be sending wild lightning and clouds into a centrifugal flurry around his flowing garments.

At least, that’s the image in my head. I’ll get to it. Here is the first timelapse video for my progress:

It appears I was recording at 50% resolution :stuck_out_tongue: lol! recording myself is not something I do a lot of… I will remember for next time and make a better quality timelapse.


Before posing and extensive re-sculpting, I want to have his core anatomy laid out decently enough to be readable. Minute details aren’t necessary until I know what parts of him will be covered or exposed, but the basic structure of the character needs to be in place. A few more days and he’ll be ready for posing.

This is the second timelapse video for today’s work on the Storm Giant:

It’s most fun to watch at x2 speed with your own music ^_^.

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Thanks for the videos @toomanydemons - I edited your posts a bit to make the video embeds show up - you need to paste the video link into a no paragraph (hit return twice) for 3D/video embeds to show.

But I loved seeing your workflow :heart_eyes: - even just the initial blocking out of shapes with those blobs/balls was cool to see (I’ve never used z brush before) as well as how you work on parts like the hands separately.

:point_up_2: just a note that a full scene is not compulsory - you can enter with a character, creature or prop on its own too.

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Thanks Flynn :slight_smile: !

I thought about posting a timelapse for every day I work on him, but I am realizing I’m apparently not well-versed in forum activity and tend to hog these contest chatrooms.
It’s always been a way of reviewing my progress (for myself), and it’s helpful to my process, so I’ve moved this to another thread. Here’s the link: Storm Giant BattleMage WIP
I will post the final work in the main thread here when I’m done :slight_smile:

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Nice! I’ll follow along in the new thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for being considerate of other people here on the forum :pray:


My final bit of work. I hope you guys like it. It was very enjoyable.

The lettering in the spellbook looked awful in matcap. Even though I fussed with it quite a bit, it just didn’t look nice, so I took it out. Still, I think the scene looks cool ! So here it is… :slight_smile:

Also of note, I used Blender for decimation, and relied on quadrangulation to stay under 3m polys. Blender’s decimator is very impressive for keeping detail.


Hi everyone,
Do you have any advice on lowering the filesize ? I have 2.9M triangles, and I think I sadly can’t get under the 50MB limit.

Thanks in advace !

Nevermind, ended up using decimate until the file size was good and almost no detail was lost and I finally got there :slight_smile: And here is my creation. As I explained in the description it is my very first complete sculpt. I messed with sculpting tools in the past but never got around to doing an actual model out of it, so that was my chance ! Tried to be as original as I could with the character design and background too. Hope you guys enjoy :wink:


Hello all!

I would love to enter into this contest; in fact I just finished my submission. But there’s the issue of the file being too large; 179MB. Is there a way around this?

I live in the west coast; by the time the deadline passes I would still be at work (hence trying to upload it early). Is there a way to submit my entry?

Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone’s work (and great job to those that already completed! @DevilBlackDeath @toomanydemons )

I have observed that I can get more onto sketchfab with an fbx file, as opposed to an obj., I hope that helps.


It worked! Granted I still had to sacrificed quite a bit a detail, but it went from 179MB to 70MB! Thank you, friend!

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Here is my submission for the challenge. She was really fun to do and might add more to the scene later!


Hello, this challenge sounds awesome, I only had a couple of sesions on it but it was definitely a fun one. Here are some steps of progress,

, this is how it turned out https://skfb.ly/6LWCz
MC - 3D model by Nathan Wondrak (@nathanwondrak) - Sketchfab


Beautiful work; dynamic and flowing, I can see the movement of her form. :metal:

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Ah, Thank you! That’s high praise coming from the one with the epic, beautifully set, and highly detailed entry!

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