[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Super Pets!

(Abby Crawford) #1

Snowball and Rex are good at catching mice and sticks, but what else can they do? Imagine a world in which pets have superpowers - what would they be and how might they be used? Dogs and cats are classic (and worthy!) subjects, but feel free to explore less conventional pets such as rabbits, snakes, horses, and hamsters, just to name a few.

TL;DR: Use your favourite sculpting tools to make a pet (real or ideal) even more super than they already are, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #SuperPetsChallenge.

Post your work in progress shots and final entries in this thread, and be sure to check the blog post for full rules and prize details:


(Jcg The Great) #2

Oohh this is a great challenge, I hope I can create something for this.

(Belware Arts) #3

Cool challenge! One question, is retopology allowed?

(Abby Crawford) #4

@BelwareArts It is allowed, yes!

(Jessykat) #5

I did a quick mood board, I’m thinking on creating a phantom cat.

(Damianc) #7

sounds like a fun one to do in the time allowed.
just want to clarify, as we are allowed to retoppo the model, I assume the rules just mean that there is no poly limit? just curious what the criteria for judging will be?

a toad or lizard might be fun, I’ll think of something tonight :slight_smile:

(Nymuh) #8

Eh! cool contest! :grinning:
I think I will try to make a pet hen, with a super special power. :rofl:

(Abby Crawford) #9

Correct, there is no poly limit.

Entries will be judged on several criteria including concept, sculpt quality, presentation and how well the entry addresses the challenge topic. :slight_smile:

(Jessykat) #10

I’m going to go retopologize and put him in a scene later :smiley:

(Infiniti Art) #11

this is so cute!

(Jessykat) #12

thank you

(Jessykat) #13

It’s done! :3


Hi, all! Here’s my entry. I sculpted and retopo’d in Zbrush and used Substance Painter for the bakes and textures. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time with the UVs rather than just automapping in 3D-Coat. I still might give him something to stand on… or maybe I will just try to get one more entry in. :+1: Good luck all!

(G.West) #15

I haven’t had much free time to do many contests recently, so I thought I’d make an effort and try making something really quickly for this. So here’s my entry.

I’m not exactly sure what his super power is (other than being super at finding carrots!), but if you ask Batman sometimes a snazzy costume is all you need :wink:

(Emily Corey) #16

Hi! I am super excited to enter this competition, but before I can upload my model I have a question regarding non-commerical software. Is it legal to enter a competition like this with say the Student education version of Maya? I have never used it for anything other than personal learning, and I want to make sure im not violating any rules.

I do own Zbrush, I bought a license so I know I can enter my Zbrush model. The only thing is my model will be very highpoly from Zbrush, I normally re-topologize my models in Maya. I feel like lowpoly models do better in these competitions for some reason, so I want to make sure I can legally use my version of Maya to re-topologize for this challenge. If not its no big deal, I can just enter my highpoly sculpt from Zbrush.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Emily Corey) #17

Here is my entry! Its a rock-morphin cockatiel called Rockatiel! I made him in Zbrushcore. Normally I would re-topologize my models but I do that in Maya, and I don’t have a commercial licsence (just the student version) so I wasn’t sure if I could use it for this challenge. If we are allowed to use student Maya please let me know and I’ll re-topologize and re-upload my entry! Thank you!

This was super fun! I can’t wait for more challenges to try :smiley:

(Melinastratmann) #18

This is my progress so far. This dog is able to bark shock waves to protect what is important to him. I’ll make the waves later.

(Jessykat) #19

He looks adorable!! the stomach reminds me of Totoro.


Here’s another super pet… Rocket Turtle! Sculpted in Zbrush and textured in Substance painter. :grin:

(Melinastratmann) #21

WIP, sculpture is done, now I have to add colour and the shockwaves.