[ENDED] Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Super Pets!

(David Caturegli) #22

Wow, like Bolt ?

(Superkman) #23

This is my plan.My Boy and his ordinary dog.

Boy and his Super Pet by superkman on Sketchfab

(Melinastratmann) #24

Now that you mention it, yes, like Bolt. But I didn’t thought about him at all when I got the idea.

(Melinastratmann) #25

(Jessykat) #26

that’s definitely a super doggo

(G.West) #27

If there’s a chance to sneak in a little Studio Ghibli reference, I’ll take it :slight_smile:

(Abby Crawford) #28

Hi Emily! I can’t speak to the legal side of things (you’d have to check in with Maya for that), but I feel like it should be ok since you’re not selling your model. Again, I’d check with Maya.

(David Caturegli) #29

Aaaaand, done !

(Oscar Trejo) #30

Hi! I just saw the rules and I forgot to include my entry here :slight_smile:
My idea was to make something that people would think as a pheonix
But the truth its only a parrot with the super power of firebreathing

(Mezbreezedesign) #31

Done! #SuperPetsChallenge https://sketchfab.com/models/a9eb78ab73244ac6824a00da1c61d52b

(Nebulousflynn) #32

Challenge over!

Thanks for all the awesome entries everyone - winner will be announced Friday!


(Abby Crawford) #33

And the winner is...

Super Rabbit by se7en23

A big thank you to who everybody who participated! :cat:

(G.West) #34

Thanks to everyone who voted for my weird bunny! As ever there were some really imaginative entries, I’m chuffed to be chosen as the winner :slight_smile: