[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Beverage Can


(Shaderbytes) #21

MY second entry embed thumb is not displaying again and this time it like this for for over half a day now… @bartv dont know what is going on here? Can anyone else see it?

(Shaderbytes) #22

Look great is the spelling supposed to be incorrect .? should start with a “c” and the “o” is meant to be a “u” …“Cowabunga” i see you spelt it correctly in your description :wink: nice design!

(Shaderbytes) #23

Just for interests sake , my entries are diffuse 1k textures and still look good enough :wink: It is good practice though to always do your master/original in a high res at design time… since scaling anything up afterwards comes with a price. . but scaling down is no issue, my condensation maps are 2k. I also would not go any bigger since it really is overkill and just causes the model to load double as long for a small little bit of extra resolution when a user is zoomed in.

(Bart) #24

It displays ok for me. You know the drill: did you clear cache/cookies/try in another browser or incognito window?

(Shaderbytes) #25

Yup just did all three , cache , incognito and different browser , same issue on all tries , everyone’s thumb loads except mine… weird. Maybe it is some local isp caching issue

(Dark Minaz) #26

Well yeah, my comment was more 4k max rather than min 4k :slight_smile:
I bet most parts would even look fine with 512, really depends on how close and how detailed the final model is.
Since it’s a texture contest people generally go a bit higher with the quality than really needed just to make it extra shiny :slight_smile: In the end, just set the texture to what you like, whatever that may be and have fun :smiley:
p.s your 2nd entry isn’t loading for me as well. and iggy_design’s didn’t even turn into a thumbnail. Weird forum magic isn’t working sometimes.

(Ch0mpy) #27

Hey there,

another challenge, another entry.
Im glad i made it final in time. I´ve no time at the weekend.

Hope you like it, and of course: Enjoy! :slight_smile:

(Dave Ja) #28

Starting making a barrel of grog a few days ago but that’s already been taken so here’s some rumfustian, the second grimiest pirate drink!

Can widened in the middle, but that’s the only change :slight_smile:

(Dekro) #29

This is my entry to the contest, first contest i’m ever participating, Cheers to everyone else !

(Gamedev Cala) #30

Fun challenge, thanks for this opportunity to create something “new” :slight_smile:

(Chaitanyak) #31

my entry

(Shaderbytes) #32

Nice one ! im not going to ask what ingredients are all in there :wink:

(Belware Arts) #33

Yeah its supposed to be its own name haha The spelling typo was intended for the name of the product :slight_smile:

(John Malcolm1970) #34

My first forum post and my first challenge attempt

(John Malcolm1970) #35

While editing, and re-editing my model description I noticed the block of text supplied to include from the challenge page directs to a different user (CurlyCurly). I assume from a previous challenge?

(Shaderbytes) #36

yup , it was noticed by someone else already and it has been reported, im sure they will fix it soon

(anaroeto) #37

My entry for the challenge :slight_smile:

(Valikgrischenko) #38

Hello everybody!
And my first challenge too :slight_smile:

(Tessstander) #39

Figured I would give this a try.

(David Caturegli) #40

Welp, first time I’m in advance for a challenge, maybe I have some time for one more, I’ll see.