[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Beverage Can


(Matthijs de Rijk) #41

Soooooo, I suppose I’m overdoing this a little. But I just had an awesome out of the box/can idea. I started creating a high poly model to bake onto the final can model. So this is just a work in progress.
At the same time it’s practice into the realm of baroque decoration. I like to give my self always something new and challenging to do.

(Shaderbytes) #42

Look great but of coarse posting a pic of the highpoly alone is not a very accurate representation of the baked down results. For example like in your current screenshot the leaf on the sides , you can see it is displaced from the can wall and it has a shadow underneath, etc. this of coarse wont look like that when baked down, no actual displacement and also impossible to have a shadow underneath. Great challenge for yourself though , looking forward to the actual results :wink:

(Kayess) #43

hello there,

I wonder, how you guys (mainly the 1st poster here) managed to texture the upper part of this can? (I mean top, where it goes inwards to the lip).

When I try to place some text or lines there, things get bend into a wrong direction?!
I am texturing with Substance Painter, tried projection and painting, but both yield kind of “skewed” results.

Is there a fix to UV or smoothing or something else (maybe a Painter setting) that I am missing?
It´s been a long while for me, any clues are much appreciated.

here is the 1st WIP Render:

(Shaderbytes) #44

Another quick entry … super energy drink , i doubt you can get any stronger than this :wink:

(Canary Games) #45

Here goes my can based on the world of: “Oddworld Inhabitants”, filled with rich fluorescent Brew!

By the way … if you want to give him a drink, you just have to ask!:drooling_face:

(Shaderbytes) #46

Hey there, i did all my can designs in 2d , the uv map for the can body is mapped onto axis aligned edges so it is easy to just do the design in a 2d graphic editor. I export the uv layout as a template so i know where to place my stuff etc… here is the uv layout :

(Kayess) #47

Hi, thanks for your reply - in Painter, I can also see the 2D UV layout. but even when trying to stamp it down in 2D, things get skewd… so maybe I will do this part in PS or something.

(Michael Nixon) #48

Finished my entry a few days ago, forgot to post it here. My first crack at one of these challenges, was a lot of fun and im hoping to do more as they come about. Really want to do a version of it in flight, but im not sure i will have time.

(Jantwothree) #49

Hello this is my final entry, just a quick one. love retro style computer games

(Matthijs de Rijk) #50

Of course you are right. But the purpose of this post was merely to show my process. Figured someone might learn something from it. And the shadow I am ofcourse going to fake with a drop shadow effect. But thanks!

(Canary Games) #51

The first step would be to fix the UVmap to your liking, that’s what I usually do, I modify the coordinates of the map, to work better on the design.
-Here I show you an example my UVMap

Your render looks great!:Gafas de sol:

Good luck in the contest!
Canary Games

(Shaderbytes) #52

found some time and improved my astrix druid potion design slightly , no major changes just more attention to detail in general.

(Matthijs de Rijk) #53

So here is a test of the bake, It comes out pretty well and lots of the original highpoly shapes still clearly stand out.

(Valentin Nadolu) #54

Any resemblance to actual brands is purely coincidental!

You can use this professional grade can to simulate engine sounds. Kinda like this:

(Jmvfx) #55

this is my model =)

(Dark Minaz) #56

you have to set it to “uv” in the brush settings or it tries to react to the bend parts :wink:

(Oscar5055) #57

My entry, first time in sketchfab challanges :wink:

(Badboy17 Aiden) #58

This is my entry for the sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Beverage Can

(Yagimi) #59

First time trying to texture things. I see some issues, posting just in case if i’ll think to pass out of challenge as i usually do

(Kayess) #60

Thank you for the hint - like I said, it´s been a while, since I textured stuff ^^

Got my can ready by tomorrow :slight_smile: