[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Beverage Can


(Lumpapps) #61

Someone opened a can of worms! Lumps entry to the Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Beverage Can. Made with Blender, what else :slight_smile:

Procedure: Adjust model, sculpt worms, procedural texture for speedy values and shadows, Detailing with texturepaint. All in Blender except for texture stencil, that was done in Adobe Photoshop

Based on “Can” by DarkMinaz, licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike.

Except for this DarkMinaz model, all artwork by Ludwig Heijden a.k.a Lump.
Fonts used:

  • Britannic Bold
  • Forte

  1. Material view
  2. Rendered
  3. Opacity mask and Normal map
  4. Wireframe


(Giacomo Passarello) #62

Here’s my entry for the challenge, hope you guys like it.

(Snf ) #63

Quick entry, had the idea driving home yesterday and made the textures today on my day off.

(Nickmisketis) #64

Hey! I’d like to join this challenge - be it a bit late: I want to texture my favourite drink from a tallboy. An ice cold refreshing and filling Guinness. If I have enough time I may model my guinness glass to pair it with the can!


(Scott Rafferty) #65

Didn’t find out about this contest till today! Quick fun texture submission done in around an 1.5 hours :smiley:

(Gianluigi Ferrantino) #66

Hi all! This is my entry for the challenge! Hope you like this :smiley:

(Kayess) #67

So many nice cans :smiley:

Here is the breakdown of mine: https://kayess.artstation.com/blog/vX0z/sketchfab-beverage-can-challenge-2018-breakdown-of-my-entry-jet-fuel

clean version

crazy bubble version

now it works :wink:

(Essssam) #68

Love seeing all the can ideas on here.

Just finished up my entry for the challenge:

Tried to do something minimalistic but inspired by cyberpunk and futurism.
Any c&c welcome :smile:

(David Caturegli) #69

First time I publish 2 entries. There must be a first time for everything.

(Nomadking) #70

If you paste the non-shortened links, it should auto embed them :wink:

(Vertigocrayon) #71

Hey Guys :slight_smile: here is my submission for the challenge:

(Yuhdo) #72

im new to challenges, this is what im working on CTHULHU IN A CAN!!!, thoughts? critiques?

(Kayess) #73

nooooww it works :wink:

(Paris) #74

Neon entry. My first contest here. Have a nice Day

(Dark Minaz) #75

very nice, maybe add some normal map details to make it seem like it really just jumps out? :slight_smile:

(A Coppolino) #76

This is my entry for my first-ever challenge and thank you very much dark_minaz for the model =)

(Yuhdo) #77

thanks for the tip!

(Geminigod) #78

Finished with my entry!

(Dark Minaz) #79

np :slight_smile: Everything for the Iron-Blooded Orphans, pretty sure mika would love to drink this :smiley:

(Naveeen) #80

Hi, this is my entry for the challenge… my first challenge ever, by the way!