[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Beverage Can


(Nebulousflynn) #81

I edited your post to show the embed :+1:

(Geminigod) #82

Thanks! It was my first post in the forums, and I couldn’t figure out how to embed.

(Irongarrobo) #83

My first entry for a texture challenge, tried to make a Doom based beverag can :slight_smile: (sorry for my bad english)

(Anomalyyy) #84

I would like to try a can of glass. :slight_smile:

(Matthijs de Rijk) #85

My entry

I made a little scene too:

(Matthijs de Rijk) #86

For some reason, the scene didn’t embed:

So I think I’ve put way too much time in this challenge, but it was really fun. I really wanted to nail the Baroque style on this modern can to make it look really old, as well as play with the wide range of options Sketchfab allows with materials.
Here is a clay model that I used for baking. All the decorations are hand made. I ended up with a couple million vertices to get all the right bevels and sharpness. I could have spent some more hours on the polishing part, but I think this does fine enough.

It’s great to see all the creative Ideas others came up with! Great Job guys!

(Fionnoir) #87

My last minute contribute to this challenge. Hope you like it.

(Dekro) #88

Funny how many of these challenges are “weekly” but this one lasts for more than just one week while others ended in one week or sooner for some reason.

(Shaderbytes) #89

I think if a competition gains good traction with entries then it is normally longer than a week , when it doesnt then it ends sooner. makes sense to have a dynamic range like this , keeping the popular themes more active and ending the less popular ones sooner.

(Christsdude) #90

Here’s my entry. Careful: it’s hot.

(Nebulousflynn) #91

:canned_food::canned_food: Challenge Over! :canned_food::canned_food:

Some amazing entries - thanks to everyone who entered, we’ll be judging the winner this week and announcing on Friday.

(Abby Crawford) #92

And the winner is...

Meat Can by iggy-design

Many thanks to all who entered! :canned_food:

(Shaderbytes) #93

well done @iggy_design :wink:

(Iggy Design) #94

Thank you very much! :smiley:

(Nomadking) #95

This contest was packed full of so many amazing entries, so well done to everyone for taking part! :robot:

(Matthijs de Rijk) #96

As i predicted. Good job mate!

(Iggy Design) #97

Thanx a lot! :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #98

congrats iggy :slight_smile:
had so many good entries, i personally loved your fro-zone more
there were so many great ones this time it was really hard to pick a winner

(Iggy Design) #99

Thanx a lot,and thanx again for the can model. I would have never joined if i had to make my own. :smiley:
Yeah FROzone was the commercial one. This one was just for funs and giggles. :smiley: