[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Globe


(Spliter) #21

(Sfrancl) #22

first time I joined in a challenge. It’s not in the same league of others, but still want to participate with a map of Azaroth (world of warcraft) https://skfb.ly/6G8QD

(Mique) #23

Hey everyone, here is my entry for this challenge, hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

(Spliter) #24

(Sashadcwork) #25

in process ,creating globes set

(Sashadcwork) #26

interesting variant

(Canary Games) #27

Hahaha what a good idea!
the truth, that it looks very good, makes me want to throw myself with an X-Wing and destroy it! :grimacing:

Before leaving, wish everyone luck, I see many carpentry works with wood here, which I like!

(Mndy) #28

This idea must win!!!

(Skywellcgi) #29

here globes

Texturing Challenge: Globe, #GlobeChallenge by skywellcgi on Sketchfab

Globe Sketchfab, #GlobeChallenge by skywellcgi on Sketchfab

Globe Sketchfab, #GlobeChallenge. by skywellcgi on Sketchfab

#GlobeChallenge. Globe Sketchfab by skywellcgi on Sketchfab

#GlobeChallengeGlobe Sketchfab by skywellcgi on Sketchfab

(Bart) #30

@skywellcgi ehm, did you delete all your challenge entries?

(Elmisterca) #31

Hi everyone! This is my entry for the challenge, it’s the first I fully texture since I’m new into texturing but it was great to complete this project! A lot of improvement coming next time…

Good luck to everyone, I’ve seen the works you’ve posted and they look great!

(Mique) #32

So got one question to @bartv , are we allowed to add joints to the mesh, and add animation? But still keep all the vertices/model intact, just adding animation?

I wanted to make the globe and some other parts spin for a 2nd submission :slight_smile:

(H Prendering) #33

Hi all, here is my entry/effort for the ‘Globe Challenge’. I feel sure I’ve messed up along the way, (took me long ages to work out how to post a message in here!) Still a newbie at all this but having fun, hope you enjoy.:man_mechanic:

(Somepizzaboy) #34

Hey everybody, here is my entry for the challenge. My goal was to have the globe look like a hologram. I had a lot of fun working on this.

(Lishard4) #35

I’m enjoying this contest, here is my third entry.
This time I tried to make a handmade style :paintbrush:

(Ivanix88) #36

My entry for the contest! I’m quite new in Substance Painter, so I dediced to participate to discover other interesting workflows, and it was quite fun. I hope you like it!

(Mique) #37

So many nice submissions! :wink:
I just had to make a 2nd entry
The Machine of free energy - a science project bonanza!

(Canary Games) #38

Well, if you can take advantage of a sphere :sweat_smile:

I thought of a planet :earth_americas: , others of a fruit :tangerine: , or a brain :brain:, a hologram :cyclone:, a balloon is missing :soccer:!

There are many that I like, and many more than to be able to get ideas.

(Cada Ve R Kage) #39

tried to use “challenge” category for model, but there isn’t anything like that

(Cada Ve R Kage) #40

my entry to Globe Texturing Challenge
it is two-pack, because i didn’t see any point, in uploading two separate models
and those look better together