[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Globe


(Savage Seggwaye) #41

Hi All, The below is my entry for Globe Texturing challenge. I made the globe a black glass with a frosted glass map. I initially wanted to make it look like a whiskey decanter but then realised I could not add anything extra so I had to scratch that idea. But I still has a lot of fun.

(Gordillo Antonio J) #42

HOLA todos mi texturizado del globo lo realize con un tematica de mundos de fantasia ahora que se lleva muycho ese tema lo realize en substance painter y photoshop

(Rodgar) #43

Here’s my entry. took me long enough, but I finished it right on time

(Meteotrance) #44

well how i post my stuff here ?

(Gabrielbibo) #45

I thought it would be nice to create a kind of a hologram.

(Bart) #46

To embed a Sketchfab model, just put the URL of your model on its own line in your message.

(Meteotrance) #47

second choice to dark-minaz globe Chalenge by Meteotrance on Sketchfab

here my enter.

(Meteotrance) #48

https://skfb.ly/6GBxV and this one is my second entry.

(Canary Games) #49

The truth is that it is very simple, put the link and I have no idea why you can not see the views in the forum!

(Meteotrance) #50

(Meteotrance) #51

(Meteotrance) #52

It was not possible before, i was not permit to put the link on the reply, sorry for that.

(Canary Games) #53

You did not do too bad with Substance eh :grinning:

(Abby Crawford) #54

Hello, everybody! There’s been a little delay, and we will be announcing the winner of the Globe Texturing Challenge on Monday. Thank you all for your patience!

(Sashadcwork) #55

funny globes

Globe #GlobeChallenge by sashadcwork on Sketchfab

#GlobeChallenge. Globe Sketchfab by sashadcwork on Sketchfab

#GlobeChallenge. Globe Sketchfab by sashadcwork on Sketchfab

#GlobeChallenge. Globe Sketchfab by sashadcwork on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #56

Thanks, everybody, for patiently waiting over the weekend!

And the winner is...

Globe Craft by @lishard4

Judges had this to say about the model:

“I like how the globe was made to feel like a messy 3D-scan. LisHard took a very different direction here from other participants and I think it worked great.” -Bart

“Such a simple concept executed perfectly. Paint, cardboard, newspaper - all the materials read so well on their own yet blend together to perfectly sell the idea. And don’t get me started on that corrugated edging… genius!” -Phil Clark

“The texturing on this one is superb with lovely attention to detail (like the shiny clear duct tape stripes and brush strokes) while executing a really original idea!” -Phil Gosch

“Love love love this. A great example of a creative response to the challenge. The idea is executed flawlessly down to surface details like layered paper and brushstrokes.” -Tom Flynn

A big thank you to all of the participants! We really enjoyed seeing all of your entries. :globe_with_meridians:

(Canary Games) #57

Congratulations to the winner @LisHard!
The truth is that he was one of the few models that I did not get to see, maybe for all the hustle and bustle of those days.

But reading the opinion of the judges, sounds superb, I must also admit that you fought for the post, you did several scenes that I liked, and although there were many great scenes, with which I laughed and enjoyed a lot, I wanted to congratulate you.