[Ended] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Graffiti

Ok i think that clears it up for me, thank you for the response.

I was wondering, do we have to completely re-texture the van? Or do we build the graffiti on the existing Van texture?

Just adding graffiti is the idea :+1:

Hey. Does it have to be original graffiti or can we just take anything from online and stick it on the van?

You can use anything as long as you respect copyrights / use Creative Commons (or similar) licensed material and add a proper credit in your model description.

Keep in mind that the theme is ‘graffiti’ as well - copy pasting photos or clip are might not fit the theme :slight_smile:

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Aquí les dejo mi propuesta para el concurso de Graffity Van.
Mi idea ha sido crear un diseño de furgoneta surfero relacionado con la isla de Ibiza y su espíritu. Y juntarlo con otra de mis pasiones como es la música ha sido muy gratificante e inspirador. La animación, sencilla pero creo que le da su punto.
Espero que la disfruten.

Here is my entry for the challenge.
All of the textures have been painted by hand using only Substance Painters particle system. Heads up for anyone who wants to try this method. It will take a VERY LONG time to export the texture, so be careful.
This is FREE as usual.

Reference images:


very rough variant (WIP) of Punks_party on yacht. Trying to make the whole carSurface as one volume_canvas :crazy_face: But too little painting abilities.

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Hi everyone, this is my entry for the contest! Totally handpainted with substance painter.

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I figured I’d ask what you guys thought

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Here is my version of the model GraffitiChallenge OLD CAR - Download Free 3D model by orbita-s (@orbita-s) - Sketchfab https://skfb.ly/6NPHL

missed important part of the original surface, but will add opacity to roof part near the back (rust!) later.
was good time!

I got a feeling that today is the day

Suerte a todos, y sobre todo para wakarma!!!
Que gane el mejor!!!

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Tagging never looked so good! You all turned in a great set of entries this week and the judges loved seeing them all. But there can only be one…:blue_car:

And the winner is...

Texturing Challenge - Graffiti Van by @andrea.crivello.art

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“This one gets my vote for the nicely weathered graffiti, nice aesthetically pleasing graffiti as well.” - Renafox (@kryik1023)

“Convincing vandalism! I especially like the details on the dirty windows.” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)


Congratulations to @andrea.crivello.art

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Whoa! Thank you very much!!
It is a pleasure that you enjoyed it! :grinning:

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Muchas Felicidades!!
Gran trabajo y buena ejecución.
Me gustó mucho este concurso.

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Gracias! :slight_smile: