[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Guitar


I decided to participate in this challenge.

Here my plan of texturing.

The history of the guitar is as follows: It is a guitar of a mechanic from a small town in Texas who must combine his duty as a mechanic, with his passion that is to play the guitar, so as soon as he can leave the tools, he sits on a pile of tires and play a concert remembering his great idol “David Bowie”. The combination of mechanical dirt and the passion for music can be seen on the poor Gibson.


Hi there, this is my proposal for the challenge :guitar:


I was asked this question in a private message, sharing it and the answer here in case it is useful to anyone else:

can I create sculpted details and bake them to a texture? or can I only paint textures?

You can create texture maps (colour, normal, roughness etc.) in any way you like, as long as your challenge entry is only the original model geometry + your textures. Editing UVs, flipping necessary normals etc. is allowed.


Textured another guitar. This time I decided to texture the 1958 Les Paul Standard Slash Brazilian Dream, whereas my other one was my attempt without recreating a specific look.


My first entry for this challenge! Working on an other comming soon :slight_smile:

Had some fun playing with texture projection mapping and emissive :stuck_out_tongue:


I try to bake the whole scene on glass here, Have Fun!
I am tweaking a raw/full? version and a character showcase to show how it works, wait a minute~



My first post and entry for Sketchfab challenges! Going to be participating more in the future for sure, this was fun to do :smile:

Good luck have fun to all participants!


Here’s an other one :slight_smile:


Figured I’d throw my hat in the ring as well, had a lot of fun with this one.


Decided to join for the last minute but here’s my take on this challenge, went with my favorite color

Gibson Guitar for #GuitarTexturingChallenge by rotblush on Sketchfab


hello everyone guild.

On this occasion, I present my stylized hell guitar painting, inspired by past years where I did a lot of music with my friends. (Check my uvs :V)

Enjoy it.


Me encanta Sebas!!! Está chulisima, gran trabajo :smiley:

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Hey Sebastian
Such a great job … well done :slight_smile:
But if you read the rules of the contest carefully, it says no additional probs allowed.
I just want to let you know. Not that such a good job fails the regulations :slight_smile:


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Un gran trabajo y el diseño espectacular!!

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Hi! Here is my entry to this week’s challenge #GuitarTexturingChallenge, the pastel guitar (in spanish I named it Guitarta by mixing the words guitarra (guitar) and tarta (pastel)! I wanted to create a super sweet guitar, so its base is red velvet cake with a cream cheese glaze and filling. It is also decorated with confetti and pink cookies. I hope you enjoy this proposal.


Chulísima, muy heavy :wink:

Your entries were music to our eyes. The judges thoroughly enjoyed your creativity and attention to detail. :guitar:

And the winner is...

Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Cherry Sunburst by @laurer1990

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“It only took him a day or so to upload it, but it’s an absolutely stunning texturing. Love everything about it.” - Mieke (@miekeroth)

“I just get stunned when I see the finger marks in the back of the guitar. Amazing.” - Kevin (@KevinCayuelaBorg)

“Great attention to the detail. Job well done :+:” - Warkarma (@warkarma)

“Impressive level of texturing! We don’t where to look anymore between the specular, the diffuse, the bump, the normal map and the fingerprint!” - Geoffrey (@geoffreymarchal)


Oh thank you so much :slight_smile:
That‘s the first time I won a competition.
That means a lot to me :blush:
And thanks to everybody who participated, you did a great job


Congrats Dude! Well done!

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