[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: MonoBike


This week we challenge you to texture the unicycle of motorized vehicles: the MonoBike. Download the model, use your preferred tools and workflow to texture the MonoBike, upload your finished model to Sketchfab, and tag it #MonoBikeChallenge.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


Hi, I’d like to know if we can use the normal map and AO map available in the rar file or if we have to start from scratch and only use the low poly version.

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Here is my participation in the Texturing Challenge https://skfb.ly/6UopN


Yes, you can use the existing maps!


Nice work!

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Do we need to post in the forum too as part of the submission?

You do not.

OK thanks :+1:

Hi everyone,

While it’s nice to find that for a second time my derivative work is used in sketchfab challenges, but at the same time it’s concerning that on both occasions, models’ license gets completely ignored. I always share my free work under CC BY SA license, meaning that if you want to use it and share your derivative work, you must license it with exactly the same license - CC BY SA. If you disagree with that, you must use original model by Costr MotoWheel - Download Free 3D model by Costr (Viverna) (@CoStR) [eb238f6] - Sketchfab and unwrap it on your own. Please respect the authors and the licenses.

Thank you and have fun!

Thanks for the model! Realy nice geo for texturing works.

does it change anything to participants? or everything is already in description.

not_classical :sweat_smile: experiments with texturing monobike. WIP.

Geometry is not mine, you should thank Costr for it. I’ve just fixed some issues and added few additional polies. My main contribution was full UV unwrapping and texturing.

Actually it does - if you set your model to be downloadable, you must license it with exactly the same license - CC BY SA, i.e. you can’t change the license of derivative work based on “share alike” licensed work. Everyone who will download your model and will make their own derivative work, will have to keep the same license too.

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I also noticed that many contestants are re-using parts of my texture. While i have nothing against that, but doesn’t that goes against “texturing” contest spirit? Just wondering.

Hello, there. I finished my texturing but I can’t export it with tre sketchfab preset… It’s in grey. Can you tell me how you’ve done it please ?

:motorcycle: KANISTO’S ENTRIES :motorcycle:

"Dusty jeans" (Monobike) by Kanisto on Sketchfab

"Wet military" (Monobike) by Kanisto on Sketchfab

"Half dawn" (Monobike) by Kanisto on Sketchfab

"Altered B&W" (Monobike) by Kanisto on Sketchfab

"Bestial copper" (Monobike) by Kanisto on Sketchfab

My take on the challenge. Tried to get close to the real model, hope you like it ^^

You all fired up your texturing skills for this one! So many incredible entries. Nice work.

And the winner is...

Victorian Monobike by @gabshega

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“Amazing level of details, in love with the “class” style and the color palette, the front panel is also cool, with this transparency.” - Kevin (@KevinCayuelaBorg)

“Wow - this is quite simply gorgeous! Brilliant attention to detail brings all the different materials to life in a believable way. It really feels like something that might exist - and I want one!” - Phil (@nomadking)

“What a wonderful job, it brings a whole new level to the model.” - Warkarma (@warkarma)

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Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in these types of challenges. I really appreciate these types of dynamics. I really liked the challenge and the 3d model was very awesome.
Thanks to the entire community and participants, your entries were great.

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