[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Riding Robot

(Bart) #1

This week we challenge you to texture this riding robot, originally by Paul Hoekstra and UV mapped by Paul Chambers. Just download it, texture it, and upload it to Sketchfab with the tag #RobotTextureChallenge.

Sketchfab Community Blog - Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Riding Robot.

(Paburoviii) #2

I am doing my texture like if the robot where in a post apocalyptic world

(Paburoviii) #3

Well this is my entry lets see what is the result great Model Paul :slight_smile:

(Ivanix88) #4

Getting started with this challenge! Adding some details to the normal map.

(Daemon) #6

Here is my entry.
“Jarvis, throw some hot rod red in there”

(Glub Graphics) #7

Nice ones so far ! Great challenge, i’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

(Ivanix88) #8

Almost done!

(Ivanix88) #9

And finished! Here is the result. I hope you like it, and good luck to everyone!

(Giacomo Passarello) #10

Hi guys,
For this challange I decided to create the texture of a Police robot built for road pursuit

(Ingscappatura) #11

Hi guys, this is my robot for this challenge, hope that you like.

(Cristian Bercea) #12

I don’t knwo why, but always is nice to see this type of challenges when everybody use same model for texturing.crazy rezults at the end :slight_smile:
Mine it’s not finish yet but here we go for the moment … more wood/ steampunk.

(Nicholas Koons104) #13

Here is my Submission to the contest! Spent about 3 hours working on it, was a lot of fun and was able to utilize a lot of Substance’s tools to accomplish it!!! Hope you all Enjoy!!!

(Ostapblendercg) #14

But is it allowed to animate it?

(Glub Graphics) #15

Here’s mines :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone to finish your work until monday !

(Daemon) #16

Can I vote? If I can I choose this one, man… It is awesome…

(Daniel C87) #17

This is my breakthrough for the presentation of textured

(Antoine Gohin) #18

Hello :),
Here my robot submission for this challenge, I hope you will like it.

(Cristian Bercea) #19

Finally I had time today to finish this little guy. I made a small change on materials for the wheel, I didn’t want to change the uv so I come up with an alternative (the leather pattern), it was more fast and in general the wood mix well with the leather :slight_smile:.

@daemon Thanks for the support!

(Ludichris) #20

Here’s my Entry. I decided to go with an Emergency Services/Search & Rescue theme as if it would be used to find people lost in the bush, or even used to cordon off a car accident with flashing lights either side of its head.

(Henryrietra) #21

Hi Everyone! My robot texture is inspired by Japanese robots design. Here some references used to create the texture.

and this my entry for the riding robot texturing challenge. I hope you liked it!