[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: RTFKT ONE


Enter for a chance to win a pair of custom-made sneakers, textured by you!

Would you like to design and wear your own sneakers? We partnered with next-gen sneaker creator RTFKT to challenge you to texture their provided shoe model. The winner will get their custom-made shoe—complete with their texture design—from RTFKT and cult UK shoe brand SWEAR!

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


Hello, I wanted to know if it is allowed to use images from a manga as texture for the model?

I don’t see why not. You just want to be sure to respect artist’s right and give credit where credit is due. :slight_smile:

This is my participation in the RTFKTChallenge - Trafalgar Law Theme(One Piece)


Good afternoon Abby, I have a question, can I update the preview photo of my participation in the challenge?,I just want to update the preview photo of the model, I will not modify any texture of my participation in the challenge, only the preview, thanks in advance.

Yeah that’s fine, it won’t affect the publication date of your model.

This challenge was one of our favorites this year! With over 200 incredible entries, it was a tough one to judge.

And the winners are...

1st Place: RTFKT Challenge - Chinese percelaine by Shayld22

“From a technical perspective, we’ve been really impressed, with technicality serving the design: the use of normals, awesome stitch placement [double stitch placement detail on top] and decals placement as well as the insole. The colorways are clean, the design flows naturally from the visual concept and very wearable IRL. Special mention to the quality of the drawn illustrations.” - Team RTFKT

2nd Place: RTFKTChallenge by noform

“Highly minimalistic with the technicality helping bring the design to life. Very wearable IRL and on-trend. Attention to detail and decal placement. The stitches, different treatment of materials and leather. And the way the HEX pattern was placed is great. Adding great subtle contrasts for such a minimalistic design. Use of Off colour on the logo on the tongue is a great match.” - Team RTFKT

3rd Place: #RTFKTChallenge Doodles! RTFKT rtfkt by Eduardo Kuhn

“Great playful design and use of colours, complemented by special attention to detail and texturing. Much needed these days to see life on the bright side.” - Team RTFKT

Special Sustainability Prize: #RTFKTChallenge -Cardboard Theme by Berk Gedik

“Very well executed, and I think the theme works super well for a shoe. Special kudos for doing the trench of the cardboard. Makes me want to have an actual cardboard version of it.” - Alban

“One of the most impressive textures, which makes this cardboard concept seem real, and as Alban mentioned, makes you want to see it as a cardboard piece. :)” - Team RTFKT