[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Sci-Fi Corridor


This week we challenge you to texture the_table’s futuristic sci-fi corridor. Download the untextured model, use your preferred tools and workflow to texture the corridor, upload your finished model to Sketchfab, and tag it #ScifiCorridorChallenge.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


So this is procedurally textured in Blender. I’ve yet to figure out how to bake these custom comics shaders to some sort of PBR map, but I wanted to share the results with you even if this doesnt make it to the competion. Great model! Had loads of fun with this.



Your corridor designs transported us to another galaxy! Great job, everyone. :rocket:

And the winner is...

Scifi Corridor Challenge by @grigoriyarx

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“The thing most keeping my attention are the barrels with a kind of live being inside—or what’s left of it—explaining a little story and creating a creepy ambience. Technically, the textures are clean, realistic with little degradations of the materials. I love the medpack details on the upper part, nice job!” - Kevin (@KevinCayuelaBorg)

“He thought of everything: a bit of wear and tear but not too much, the eyes in the barrels, the Milky Way outside. Great texturing!” - Mieke (@miekeroth)