[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Skateboard

(Bart) #1

Adjust your trucks, axel nuts and check your bearings – it’s time to add some style to your deck in this week’s texturing challenge. Just download Johnson Martin’s Skateboard model, texture it using your preferred texturing workflow, upload it to Sketchfab making sure to credit Johnson Martin, and tag it #SkateboardChallenge.

TL;DR: Texture this skateboard using your preferred workflow, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it with #SkateboardChallenge. Be sure to credit Johnson Martin and link to his model.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:

(Norgeotloic) #2

Glad to get started on this challenge :call_me_hand: !

I messed around a bit with PBR textures to improve my workflow in blender (which is still far from perfect), and here is a first try at getting something plausible with the materials:

That board is not perfect and some issues appeared during the texturing/baking.

Also, I must admit a plain board is a little bit boring: apart from fixing the basis materials, the next steps I think about would be to create art for the deck, a logo for the griptape, and add lots of scratches/dents to “bring it to life” !

And the steps after that would be to try to think “out of the box” for the texturing, to mess with Sketchfab materials: glass wheels? neon deck? wooden trucks?..

If you did not know, the guys at Braille Skateboarding on Youtube use a lot of cool DIY boards, and they are really good skaters: that might be a good source of inspiration for everyone out there :wink:

Good luck with the challenge!

(Norgeotloic) #3

I did not resist…

The guys from Braille are real heroes to me, I had to pay tribute to them :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #4

wasn’t really happy with the uv so i started with fixing that first.

next is texture time

and a while later

(Dark Minaz) #5

In case someone want’s to use my UV feel free to download this model

Simply add the following code then
Changed UV by [DarkMinaz] https://sketchfab.com/dark-minaz Based on “[Skateboard (Sketchfab Texturing Challenge)] https://sketchfab.com/models/cc02ca24d04147e29c0942830f74affc ” by [Johnson Martin] https://sketchfab.com/Johnson-Martin , licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike.

(Norgeotloic) #6

That engraving design under the deck is really cool looking @dark_minaz ! Is it a creation of yours?

For my part, I’m struggling with procedural textures in blender to try to create “worn-out” textures on the trucks and wheels.

Once the hardware looks “50-50 compatible”, I’ll start working on Ollies, Kickflips, Nose-slides and Board-slides scratches, as well as footsteps, engravings, stickers and most importantly: board-art !
There’s still a long way to go, but trying to aim for as much realism as possible promises to be interesting :slight_smile:

Have fun everyone !

(Dark Minaz) #7

not exactly, a wallpaper - changed to black n white - removed the outside - created an alpha - used it to create the lower part via masking system in substance.

ill probably do some tweaks on mine tomorrow as well, got some inputs that i will integrate in my work

(Shaderbytes) #8

Since im judging , my entry does not count but I wanted to join the fun as I used to be a skateboarder in the 80’s and 90’s . That said Im paying tribute to a old school legend Ray Barbee :wink:


@bartv my link is not showing a viewer?? so i had to embed images aswell so my post has something to look at EDIT - Nevermind I forgot to publish it :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #9

Blender is a great modeling tool but you are making life very very difficult for yourself using it to texture stuff , well with complex PBR texturing that is , I used 3Dcoat , most people use substance painter/designer. These tools make it very easy to create complex materials using all sorts of layering and blending etc…

(Shaderbytes) #10

I made quick small tweaks , grip tape looked too new , so I gave it some color variance and made it more faded in color altogether , the logo on top needed to be rotated slightly , and finally the area of the wheels that touch the ground needed to be more dirty than side of the wheels.

(Norgeotloic) #11

You are raising a really good point, which is actually some kind of an internal struggle for me!

I don’t consider myself a 3D artist, and I actually came to 3D - and stayed there - only through blender, which amazed me by its technical capabilities and its extensive Python API. Sketchfab came later :slight_smile:

As a true “geek” and linux user, I like to have full control on feature-rich, free and Open Source tools which - sadly - often come at the cost of poor intuitiveness, and if there’s one thing I think everybody can agree regarding blender, it’s probably that its learning curve is very steep !

But organizing myself, spending a little bit of time messing around to try to work “like real artists” and creating python shortcuts actually is what I enjoy doing (Yep, I’m that kind of guy!).

And I’m pretty convinced that in the future, blender will evolve towards a full and intuitive workflow (at least I sincerly hope so!). Plus it does not cost ~200€/year as opposed to Substance, which is an important factor for simple hobbyists.

So yeah, I’m definitely making my life way harder, but where would the fun be if it was too easy? :wink:

PS: Nice vintage board by the way !

(Shaderbytes) #12

All good , I love blender and it is the only 3D modeling app I use, I very well versed in it in most aspects , ( i am also a coder and have done some things in python here and there )

I know the substance subscription is not cool , but 3dcoat is a once off payment and it is not too expensive. As I mentioned I used 3dcoat. Normally I think they have a sale around Christmas time so you may be lucky.

Blender has been focusing on all the new UI and shortcut changing and eevee for 2.8 release. Which might only become an official release next year. In regards to texturing I can quite assure you they are light years behind these other apps., i know you say you do 3d as a hobby but i think the investment for 3dcoat for texturing is worth it as you productivity will go up leaps and bounds and to be honest I would not hold my breath on blender upgrading their texturing tools to this sort of level soon.

(Dark Minaz) #13

made some changes to my entry, added some lightning band and changed the wheels to be more like in real life

(Norgeotloic) #14

I’ve tried Substance in the past, and it’s true that it’s dead awesome to use…

Depending on sales, my financial status, and given your advice, I might also try 3D coat in the future to get an idea of how easy they are to work with.

If only days were 48 hours long…

@dark_minaz Those adjustments look really nice :slight_smile:

(Ceslav Sukstul) #15

Allegorithmic has and perpetual license as well. Same as 3D Coat just need to pay for new version upgrade.

(Ceslav Sukstul) #16

Nice work is going on here! Good job :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #17

3dcoat is a once off payment so it is still the cheaper option , you dont pay for upgrades :wink: Now it not as Known or perhaps as good as Substance due to the whole Substance ecosystem… but it is still way better than using blender hehe

(Ceslav Sukstul) #18

Isn’t it cost to upgrade from for example V3 to V4? I thought it is. Same and Painter you pay for upgrade between big versions like V1 to V2 but it’s free between this like V1-V1.5.
But yes I agree that 3D-Coat is powerful piece of software and really underrated.

(Shaderbytes) #19

yikes no one even noticed I had hidden the screws and bolts layers so when exporting they had no texture/roughness/normal! the were just a solid matt grey! I had to go back enable those layers , export and reupload. That is what happens when you work at 2am and you are tired LOL.

(Canary Games) #20

I did notice that you had the screws in gray, but I thought … Mmmm so the jury of the contest mmmm hahaha nahh is a joke!

If you look at mine, I also have some tiny gray screw, to see if I fix it!

By the way, I know I’m not the only one with problems when it comes to creating worn textures, so I make a request to those who are good at wearing and grinding textures, any advice? apart from practicing and practicing?

I have to add my design to the forum, which I overlooked!
Good luck to everyone!