[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Skateboard

(Canary Games) #21

Here I bring my “Creature”, something new the truth! Too new!

The truth is that I do not know what to say, apart from the written, in the information of the model itself, I had a lot of fun and also gave me a big headache, since I made another design, rather an image composition.

But I used someone’s image to make my own composition, and I asked for permission, and I’m waiting, if you accept and it seems okay, I’ll upload the other design as well.

(Nobody wet this skate, we already know what happens with water and gremlins)

PD: If someone is fixed, you will see a screw without texture, but it is tiny!

(Shaderbytes) #22

@CapAlatriste nice entry!

I actually just updated my model now again , I wanted even more photo realism so I added wear to the griptape edges , I added wear to the nose and tail underneath as well as board slide wear… I also looked at the other entries and saw a entry where the board was duplicated and put on its side behind the model so I also did that as it makes for a good thumb nail. Also upgraded the plywood layer to something more decent.

  • For wear sometimes there are smart materials to aid with this , so it would be layered in the 3d painting application like 3dcoat or substance. Those brushes have smart options where they apply the effect only on specific criteria. I only know 3dcoat , but in this you can choose from a whole list of various geometrical masking options and it applies that logic when you paint with the material… very handy! My first texture pass used aspects like this.

Other times , like in these new details i added , I did it all in 2d in Gimp. So its a case of using several brushes and masking layers, duplicated layers with blend modes etc… Other aspects of the result are dependant on the material type , for example for the board slide scratches it is not just a case of creating the masking for the scratches , you also have to create some smear of the artwork in this area because that is what happens in real life, it not just a case of paint then no paint … the print is pressed into and pulled along the scratch grooves.

Which tool do you use to texture?

The crux of it is and this is true for nearly all cg art … never underestimate post manipulation in a 2d graphics editor. Most professionals do this. So you use your 3d app render or 3d paint app for the bulk work, and then fine tune polish in 2d graphics editor.

If you are only using a 2d graphics editor then anything is still possible … but it will take way way longer and you will need to apply the various logic of where to paint manually. basically very good painting/air brushing skills will come into play here. This is where these 3D painting apps shine , they do the core work , then you just polish.


(Ruba Qewar) #23

(Dark Minaz) #24

stole @shaderbytes idea to display the board better. How could i have missed that.

(Norgeotloic) #25

I just finished a blender “scratching” session, and I’m quite happy with how the mix between the stickers, the grinding marks and the deck is starting to look like:

Still lots of work on realism, but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it :slight_smile:

(Redy) #26

Hey everyone! I always liked the idea of texturing Skateboards, and now that this contest came around, It was the best opportunity to practice some design iterations. :smile:
@norgeotloic I’m digging the stickers! their presence is being reinforced by the roughness map values.
@shaderbytes Photoshop and Substance Painter are my tools, combining both is great! You get the best out of 2D & 3D.

Here’s my first experimentation, are we allowed to make more than one? Thank you in advance.

(Shaderbytes) #27

Looks great @redy , yes you can have multiple entries. I notice you have a tiling issue on the ply wood if you look from the front of the deck, always got to look out for those and minimize the problem as best possible

Love the work so far @norgeotloic, you have a good eye for artisic colour balance , saturation / contrast in regards to photo realism as well as roughness and normal maps etc…

These are probably the biggest factor in photo realism. Of coarse the renderer and scene set up also counts , but if you put poor texturing in at the start , no scene settings will ever make it look good. So well done.

(Shaderbytes) #28

@RubaQewar That is one old skateboard , on its death bed soon :wink: I remember my first pro board I got was a H-Street Tony Magnusson :

Man I rode that board till it looked even older than your model , the nose and tail were so warn they were were getting towards impossible to use. Strangely enough I got my first ever 1st place at a comp with that old board!

(Norgeotloic) #29

@shaderbytes Thanks for your nice comment guys! Although I must say that the “artistic eye” is more a mix of “brain” (what kind of effects for which materials), huge node setups in Cycles, and a pretty nice filmic tone mapping in Sketchfab which helps a lot ! :wink:

The shape of your board looks sexy as hell… “Too bad” the initial deck for this challenge is a modern board, I would have loved to get crazy on an old-school shape such as the one you posted above!

@redy Mixing normals and roughness is really helpful to get towards realism. But transparent materials, like you used on the wheels, can also really give that “Wow” effect when looking at an object… Nice work !

(Ruba Qewar) #30

HAHA RIP skateboard

(Redy) #31

Made a few more iterations:

I’m going for a more product showcase style rendering.

(Ceslav Sukstul) #32

My entry for this challenge

Still WIP.
Used references


(Norgeotloic) #33

Hey Ceslav, nice entry you’ve got there!

Providing the references you used is interesting too, as it helps to imagine where you spent attention on in the final model. So “thanks” for them :slight_smile:

To include the 3D view is dead simple: just copy and paste the link into your message.

For instance, if I wanted to include your model, I’ll just include it below this line like so:

Of course, this specific link does not get converted to an embedded viewer as it is not the full url !

(Ceslav Sukstul) #34

Thanks for reply! Strange but I tried 3 different types of links and still shows just as link but not 3d view :smiley: Need to try more lol

(Its Izen) #36

My first challenge. Wanted to make something with bright style.

(Ceslav Sukstul) #37

Spent some time applying dirt, dust and scratches with damages. Almost finished. Left main bottom part and some small tweaking.

(Shaderbytes) #38

Looks great! a small bit of inconsistency now with wear on the grip tape and wheels but not a scratch on the bottom of the deck? Since your board has a full frame paint work on the bottom have a look at this entry for inspiration , or reference images , whichever.


(Ceslav Sukstul) #39

Thanks! Yes It’s still WIP and bottom is last place to work on and probably a bit tweaking here and there :slight_smile:

(Ceslav Sukstul) #40

Finished with this one :slight_smile:

Some renders from marmoset :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #41

looks great, well done! The wear on the bottom on the one end is in a peculiar place , when the board pivots on the axle and wheels due to the shape and position the end on the board would touch the ground first. Unless the rider only ollied from one end and practiced nose slides only then the current wear would make sense. Anyway no absolute right and wrong here , just the general expected wear would be the mostly at the ends of the board and obviously in the middle for board slides.

Again great entry :wink: