[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Skateboard

(Bharat Bk) #62

Here is my submission for skateboard challenge, I tried to get a sci-fi output on that traditional skateboard, its a very nice experience participating in this challenge, hope you guys like my work :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #63

dont want to derail the current topic concerning IOR so I started a new thread for it , you can chat about it in there :

(Ozhogi) #64

I decided to take a break in the animation and get distracted by something else. This is my first call, so I apologize in advance if I post something wrong. Please correct me if you can :slight_smile:

The first came up with the idea of an art deco-style skateboard, although in the end, it seemed to me, it turned out similar to Soviet furniture lol

(Ozhogi) #65

And when I finished with the first version of the texture, I came up with a second idea. Two options, because I could not decide what is best

(Norgeotloic) #66

I textured the board I would have love to have as a teenager for my final entry: Sin City / DC comics design, stickers everywhere, a Tony Hawk signature…

Trying to get a realistic result without using 3D painting software was a great learning experience, and I must say the final model actually turned out better than I expected!

@ozhogi I love the styles you’re going for. Those are boards I would not step onto, but they sure look great :slight_smile:

(Redy) #67

Here’s my final submission, decided to put all of the 3 designs in the same Sketchfab Viewer and give them a spinning animation for product showcase. Also played around with saturated colors for the mood of the scene/lighting. :wink:

@norgeotloic Well done! Loved the Tony Hawk Signatura ahah

(Polybean) #68

I want my skateboard version to look as realistic as possible and get better at realistic texturing.
I’ve decided to change the UVs a bit and spend the most of the time for the deck design. I also wanted to do a design for the rolls and bearings.

I totally forgot to change the UVs for the rolls, but later I figured I could work around it

the unmasked and rough deck design I made in Photoshop
bearings and rolls design

So I started with some basic textures, then added some basic dirt to it (screenshots taken from Unity Editor)

Texturing in Substance Painter:

Next step would be to add the deck, bearing and rolls textures and maybe some more signs of wear :slight_smile:

And sorry for the super late post, I had some problems uploading in the last week.

(Polybean) #69

I imported my deck design into Substance Painter and played around with some settings and masking.

After making 5 different versions, I decided to go with the last one (the black-white-red version)

Also, I added a little ground isle I made :slight_smile:
Here is my final submission:

(Shaderbytes) #70

nice , just a skateboard on grass would not have been my first choice :wink: If you ever did skate you should know grass == no skating :wink: otherwise it looks great.

(BladeManEXE10) #71

Uploaded! Didn’t even need to go to the library.

I thought there were issues with the materials, but it turned out it was just slow loading the 4096x4096 textures.

(Polybean) #72

@shaderbytes haha you’re right! I haven’t thought about the grass.
I just did an alternative ground version:

And thank you :slight_smile:

(Cbertero) #73

Here’s my entry for the contest. I hadn’t noticed this challenge until yesterday so I made a sort of mad-dash to finish, but was very fun to work on. I wanted to create a really worn and well used appearance. Thanks!

(Abby Crawford) #74

And the winner is...

Skateboard #SkateboardChallenge by spliter

Many thanks to all who participated!

(Ceslav Sukstul) #75

Congratulations to the winner! Just my 2 cents about result. Don’t wanna say anything bad about this model and artist. But probably judging was more about art on the board but not texturing skills as stated in rules. But anyways… Gratz!

(Spliter) #76

Thank you for the competition, it’s always a pleasure to participate.

Sorry for my english ^^

(Bart) #77

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(Redy) #82

Congratulations to the winner, the judges and everyone that participated! We got excellent artwork going on over this thread. :slight_smile: