[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: #SpitfireTexturingChallenge

(Bart) #1

This week we’re going to try something different: we’d like you to focus on your texturing skills only! To get you started, Sketchfab community member Renafox created a UV mapped model of a Spitfire. Download it and pimp it any way you want. But remember: textures only!

TL:DR; texture this Spitfire model using your favourite texturing workflow, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it with #SpitfireTexturingChallenge. Be sure to credit Renafox and link to his model.

Read full details on the blog.

(Blackhart) #2

I notice that a lot of the details on the current model are baked into a Normal and AO map- any chance of getting the High-Poly to do our own texture baking with?

(Kryik1023) #3

I just now shared the highpoly model, you can check it out here!

(Nekokawaii11) #4

I'm going to texture the model like "trecnadis" style, I'm going to try to replicate a Gaudí piece in honor to Barcelona :slight_smile:

(Hamidz90) #5

Hey guys,

I submitted my entry for this challenge, feel free to take a look, hopefully i'm posting this at the right place.

(Mq Cg) #6

My plan is to recreate the spitfire piloted by Wing Commander R.H. (Bobby) Gibbes from World War II

(Nekokawaii11) #7

So, we can customize our own normal map on zbrush for example?

(Captainmarlowe) #8

I think I'll go for Pierre Closterman "Le Grand Charles" for my colour scheme.

(R Boissenin) #9

Hi everyone. I went freestyle on this. Here is my entry :wink:

It's a WIP, so I will enhance it later, if I have time =).

(Crown City Misfits) #10

First off - good luck everyone! I look forward to seeing what everybody produces.

3 questions...

  1. I understand the rules do not allow us to edit the geometry. Can we add an alpha channel to the textures to "hide" parts of the mesh?

  2. The rules state that "adding props outside of the airplane" is allowed. Is this limited to scenery objects? Or can we add props to the aircraft itself, like rocket launchers, etc, as long as we don't modify the original mesh?

  3. May we use the recently uploaded hi-poly model instead of the original?


(Crown City Misfits) #11

Beauty! Love the muzzle flash.

(Dark Minaz) #12

Finished my little plane :slight_smile:

(Hammerus3d) #13

(Blackhart) #14

Awesome, thank you!

(Shaderbytes) #15

thanks for the challenge jonathan and sketchfab, i didnt spend to my time but i finished my entry now .. Aces high

(Evgeniy Aleshechkin) #16

Hi all.
A quick sketch. Plan to make a plane in the style of Marvel. A bit of the Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man a lot) but this is only a sketch, I think there will be references to other characters.

(Bart) #17

Yep, that's fine!

Hmm, that's a little more difficult. I'd say don't attach any geometry to the plane, just for environment props. @kryik1023 what do you think?

Only for baking textures etc, for your submission you need to use the low-poly original version.

(R Boissenin) #18

don't attach any geometry to the plane, just for environment props. @kryik1023 what do you think?

So are my muzzles getting my model out of contest ? :fearful:

(Blackhart) #19

I think you should be fine- you added basically a particle effect which doesn't change the body of the plane. I think the spirit of the contest is that you can give the plane some context- like muzzle flashes and contrails and an environment, but you can't add stuff that changes the design of the plane itself- like suddenly giving it rocket boosters and laser turrets and such.

(Dark Minaz) #20

Exactly as blackhart states, adding a floor plane, some fx polys are totally fine if they help to sell the texture. But adding things to change the geo in a big way are not allowed as it would make it extremely hard to judge it fairly.
It is a texturing challenge, therefore that is the focus of it.