[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: #SpitfireTexturingChallenge

(Lukesh) #80

So I finally managed to put some real time in, and here it is!

Inspired by various sci-fi planes and vehicles. Hope you like!

(Deq) #81

Oh, :frowning: I was thinking of adding some additional design on the wings and cockpit using a high poly baked into a normal map for use with the provided low poly, thanks for the reply :smile:

(Blackhart) #82

So long as the delivered final submission's plane comprises only of the original low-poly base mesh, you should be fine. Creating extra details which you then bake into textures is still texturing. How you create the detail in the textures doesn't really matter, so long as the final mesh is the same as everyone else's final mesh. If you create a high-poly solely with the purpose of baking, and deliver the low-poly with that texture bake, you should be perfectly fine for the contest.

(Igi44) #83

Here's my Crimson skies inspired entry

(Deq) #84

Finally done with the textures, wew, new Skill gained, Explode baking. :grin:

Armoured Cloud Surfer V
by Donato E. Queyquep
on Sketchfab

(Brenly) #85

Great comp guys .. I still need to finish off the textures on the Spitfire will update over the next few days. Its been a great reason to learn Substance properly.

I have added some geo to the plane. Please don't disqualify me :wink:

(Lukesh) #86

Amazing idea on the "reflection", generally an amazing composition!

(Bart) #87

Looks amazing, but you should set up camera constraints to prevent people from looking under water :wink:

(Brenly) #88

Thanks Bart ... Yes! I was trying to do that. How do I restrain the camera?

Have to say .. you guys are doing a brilliant job with Sketchfab. I haven't used it for awhile as I've been busy with life. It is much more stable and powerful now, so nice to work with.

(Bart) #89

Here you go:

(Brenly) #90

I'm no longer a Pro user :cry:

(Jimb0t) #91

Late submission I know! But it was fun anyway. Learned a few little things that will help in the future so i'm taking that as a win.

(Bart) #92

Hi all! It's time to pick the winner. Between us having a good time with the entire team in the south of France and having to select a winner from 79 entries(!), this wasn't easy :slight_smile:

There was quite a bit of debate about the #1, but at the end of the day we settled for the awesome strong visual style and originality of rvh's cartoon spitfire.

Thanks again for joining us, we'll launch another texturing challenge in a few weeks. Let us know your favourite topics and we'll see what we can do :wink:


Honourable mentions

(Rvh) #93

Thanks a lot Bart, and other judges!

So many awesome texturing jobs and scenes from everyone in this contest.

I wanted to try something a little different from my standard workflow, with a more distinct style, to help set it apart.

Thanks Renafox for sharing the super cool Spitfire model for the competition.

(Nomadking) #94

Congratulations to @rvh and everyone else for taking part! Some awesome planes on display here :sunglasses:

(Shaderbytes) #95

it was great to take part :slight_smile:

Awesome entries, must have been difficult to select a winner...

(Netgoblin) #96

I didn't suppose to win, but come on, guys, the work with the simplest texture won the prize?!

(R Boissenin) #97

Not agree with the simplicity quote ! It was not a contest on complexity or realism.
And by the way, I'm honored to be on the honorable mentions

(Phantom Fox) #98

Congratulations @rvh I'm happy to say that your spitfire was in my top favs, it was the "dakka dakka dakka" that did it for me along with the overall style of course.
Learned a lot from viewing everyone's entries, great to see so many different spitfires and scenes put together, was fun to be a part of :slight_smile:

(Keith Jones) #99

I know it was about textures but both ailerons should not be up at once. Maybe he took damage to the controls?