[ENDED] Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Suitcase


This week we challenge you to download and texture this suitcase, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #SuitcaseChallenge.

Currently we’re recommending that everyone use the .obj version of the file as we seem to have issues with the gltf version at the moment.

Full rules and prize details in the announcement on the blog:


This will be fun

Hi! i was wondering if i could make a High poly version of the model only to use it to bake a better quality normals, thanks!

Hi! Can we add a multimaterial to the suitcase for it to be easier to work with ?

Can I weld the verts? The model is broken into a bunch of pieces.

well I kinda… went all in right away and finished my entry in some hours after the challenge was announced.

so I went all in with the raid area 51 meme and made this. hope you like it.


@nebulousflynn @bartv I like to know it, too. the mesh is not welded and open.
Can I weld the verts? :slight_smile:

@Wildsamich ack - our bad, yes you can weld verts if you want to.


@jthulhu @jairocardenas93 as long as the model you upload is the one provided, then yes - how you create your textures is up to you.


I don’t know why model gets broken by UV seams, it shouldn’t. I can upload orginal, not broken model for anyone to download, if that’s not against the challenge rules. Let me know.

hmmm feels like we may need to update the model we’re offering, sorry about that

@romullus would you be willing to share a fixed model for us to replace the broken one?

Sure, let me know how i can send the model to you.

Sooo… Since its been 24 hours and model is still broken and no one posted a new link to a fixed up version. I will share my one: [LINK REMOVED]

well I hope it doesnt break my texture… that will be quite annoying… will see what happens.

well on further analisis I decided to stay with the old model. just made some improvements to the narrative aspect of the texture and some other minor improvements.
related to filth and such.
the blood was also improved with some more pooling in some more areas were it would make sence to pool and openings over the plastic areas that look more like it would happen naturally.

let me know what you think.

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Hi @warkarma - we appreciate your enthusiasm! However we have replaced the model with an updated version from @romullus that should fix the separated geometry and I have removed your link to avoid confusion.

Currently we’re recommending that everyone use the .obj version of the file as we seem to have issues with the gltf version at the moment. I’ve added a note to the blog post and first post in this thread.

Apologies for the trouble and thank you all for your efforts to help get thing straightened out! :pray:


0.01% Creativity just baked custom made surface details. Went close to the original.

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So we CAN go into Zbrush and add details and bake that down?

What happened to the handle ? :smiley:

I don’t know. It just wasn’t there? :slight_smile: