[ENDED} Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Zombie

(Toomanydemons) #23

Now that I think about it, I’m going to have to build my own bow tie model for his pants… the one on there currently is an XMD insert mesh brush. That would count against the rule of “No ripping of models from anywhere on the Internet, all entries must be original works.”

(Toomanydemons) #24

My bit of work for the day was to design a tattoo for him. In this case, a zombie tat :smiley:
I drew it up in photoshop and then fussed around with projection in 3D Coat. After some time of that, I finally discovered that the projection tools in Substance Painter are a lot nicer.

Substance Painter has come pretty far since beta… I think I may stay in here, as 3D Coat’s tools tend to throw me on a loop at times (to find out why my brush isn’t working exactly as predicted).

I also rebuilt his bow tie using curves in Blender :slight_smile: I’m glad I got to do this now, because (imo) mine looks nicer.

(Toomanydemons) #25

My progress for the day.

I’ve decided to keep with Doug’s original design and go tribal. But I wanted something very high quality, and settled for something that would be extremely, excruciatingly difficult to project smoothly over the curves of this model, across UV shells. So difficult that the best way would be to draw it by hand.

Awhile ago I found a neat sticker stamper tool on Gumroad. It had some silly skulls and things I’ve never used. For this project, the stamp tool is absolutely perfect for the punchy design on his shirt :slight_smile:

(Toomanydemons) #26

My progress for the day.

At this point our zombie is just about finished :slight_smile:

The last thing to do (before moving on to the construction of his setting) is finally take him into 3D Coat (which, imo has always been a nice “finishing tool” of sorts; it tends to help break up the procedural feel of a substance texture).

The fonts are free for commercial use from 1001fonts.com. The ones in use are “Foul Fiend” and “Plasma Drip”.

(Toomanydemons) #27

My progress :3

Today I’ve begun making the models for our zombie’s scene. So far a water bottle, some dumbells, sweatbands, and a quick towel over his shoulder using Marvelous Designer.

I’ve begun experimenting with scene arrangements and it’s pretty fun so far. I’d still like to make a nice base for the model, a barbell, and some headsets for his lopsided ears :slight_smile:

(Toomanydemons) #28

My progress for the day, which isn’t so much (other chores…). But I did build a barbell for him and am now wondering what to do for his base.

I may do a workout mat (like the kind that fit together like square puzzle pieces). This would probably be something I’d have to do in Substance Designer.

(Toomanydemons) #29

Daily progress report (because it’s fun and I like to… even though I’m feeling a bit lonely out here).

I’ve finished my workout mat substance. Now I have a base for him.

Rather than headsets, I’ve settled for an old CD player. I’ve modeled this in zbrush. From here the scene is complete and I can atlas the objects and paint everything together.

First I’ll probably move things around awhile and see what looks nice. :slight_smile:

(Toomanydemons) #30

(Toomanydemons) #31

Hey by the way guys, when I copy and paste the markdown code provided in the contest rules to give credit to Doug, the pasted link leads to a goldfish… not Doug’s zombie model… lolol. I fixed mine but it looks like almost everyone else’s link goes straight to a goldfish model xD

except for you @Ibanessie your link seems to be broken :stuck_out_tongue:

(Avalero) #32

Hi all,

Probably should have posted more intermediate shots, but life got in the way…
Find below my latest progress on the KISS fanboy zombie ^^ almost finished now, I plan to upload it over the weekend!

I decided to remove the eyebrows to keep a clear view of the facial makeup. The rest is just Substance Painter and fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jaguilera92) #33

Finally finished my zombie but I’m debating if I want to keep the eyebrows or not. Finally getting the hang of using substance painter…sort of. https://sketchfab.com/models/9d96495c082649bd8c70d92c871bb6a8

(Ch0mpy) #34

Thanks! I fixed my link ^^

btw, that will be my final entry:

(Avalero) #35

Hi all, here’s my final uploaded entry for the challenge!! It was a lot of fun to explore this undead rock fanboy concept, and a nice way to practice some Substance Painter. C&C always welcome!!

(Spliter) #36

(Yzark Yzlyk) #37

Hi, this my entry for #ZombieChallenge, I really like to texture character and give them a little history. Welcome all the feedback! Thanks!

The character model was Based on “Zombie Bone Machine” by Doug Silva 3D, licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike.

(Tandre92) #38

I was out of Town once again, so I didn’t have time to submit early, but still a fun project to join in on, Heres my submission for the Halloween season!

(Abby Crawford) #39

And the winner is...

Da BONE MACHINE!!! by toomanydemons

Thanks to everybody who participated! Keep up the great work. :zombie:

(Toomanydemons) #40

Way awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks you guys. I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween.