[ENDED] Sketchfab Voxel Challenge: Farm Animals in Space


To those with your feet in the mud and your heads in the galaxies, this voxel challenge is for you! Construct a farm animal and put it in a space setting! It can be in a suit, in a ship, bouncing off the surface of a planet, weighed down by another planet's gravitational force, working at NASA/SpaceX, wherever the stars take you! :rocket:

TD;LR: Take a farm animal and put it in space in for this voxel challenge and tag it #VoxelSpaceFarm!

END DATE: Monday, September 11 (23:59 New York time – EST)

Read full details on the blog! :chicken:

(Kluchek) #2

Recently I really do not have time to make some voxel models. But i will do my best to enter this competition. Great theme! My first idea is space cow:)

(Nomadking) #3

Looking forward to seeing the Moon Pigs, Space Goats and Star Ponies that everyone comes up with! :wink:

(Rybird) #4

Thank you for the fun and opportunity. Here is my contribution.
Cats from outer space. Who would have guessed? Cats. they saw, they came, they conquered.
Process of creation. Spaceship was created first on Tinkercad.com and then meshlab, then finished in magicavoxel. Lemoncats were sculpted in Sculptris as a portrait of my pet cat Lemmy and then reconstructed and adjusted in magicalvoxel. Each model was exported into meshlab and converted into object. Models by Rybird of Dabblebird.www.dabblebird.com for the Sketchfab Voxel Challenge: Farm Animals… in Space! Cat sounds recording of my cat Lemmy happy. :slight_smile:

(Adan) #5

sounds like fun, I haven't worked with voxels before but I think I'll give it a go. farm animals seems a bit vague nowadays, I've seen ostriches, emus, and llamas, but I think I'll go with a classic farm animal the pig.

(Rybird) #6

Pig is great! But I think of Fresh Eggs. I seen a sign Farm Fresh Eggs ! :):slight_smile: I guess farms use cats as snakers and mousers and to herd chickens. :0

(Urabe Rocinante) #7

This is a wonderful competition.
My first idea is sheep living in the moon.


Don't have to design a whole environment-- a cow in a suit will do! Hope you have time, would love to see it!

@urabe_rocinante can't wait to see it :slight_smile:

(Brimstone) #9

Hi there!
I've taken a one-day stop from my regular job to join this funny competition! I haven't touched voxels for a while, and I'm happy to work with them again! I'm working on something funny that implies a chicken and some foxes... and I'm thinking about making a second version too!

(Nomadking) #10

People all over the world farm all kinds of animals, so don't be too worried about the animal being traditional or not - just strap on a rocket and launch it into space! :wink:

(Brimstone) #11

I totally agree! In fact, I can't wait to see emus and ostriches! :joy:

(G.West) #12

I haven't done any voxel stuff since a previous Sketchfab contest, so I'm in.

It also sounds like a fun theme... at the moment I'm toying with an idea of aliens abducting cows, but it's early days so that's bound to change :slight_smile:

(Mynours) #13

Yay, it's my first time taking part in a contest on this site! (or in a 3D contest at all) \o/
I had a huuuge load of ideas with such a fun theme (one being a gang of space bikers pigs) but finally decided to go with cows, in a Mad Max-like ambiance.

I hope you'll have as much fun watching it as i had making it ^^
(and i hope i embed it correctly >.<)

Oh, and, sorry for the bad english as it's not my native langage... Like you say... pardon my french :smiley:

(Hamzalippisch) #14

Here's my entry for the contest, it was fun making it :slight_smile:


@mynours welcome! amazing scene!

@hamzalippisch he's so cute, love it!

(Kluchek) #16

Houston, i see cows in space!
I think i will change idea:)

(Adan) #17

here are some pigs, i'm thinking of making a cut out of a pig themed space station.

(Hardement) #18

Hi everybody,

It's my entry for the contest and it was so cool to make it! :smiley:


I love them

@hardement that's so cute! thanks for entering!

(Brimstone) #20

Hi! This is my first time joining a challenge both on Sketchfab and in general!
I spent three full days working on that, and even if I won't win, I must say that the fun I had making it made it totally worth it! :smile_cat: Hope you enjoy my work!