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[ENDED] Sketchfab Voxel Challenge: #VoxelSciFiCity


Get in a time machine and become the architect of your own sci-fi city in this new voxel challenge! Once you are done, tag it #VoxelSciFiCity. But don't let your future get away from you and leave you in the past-- the date to unveil your city is on Monday, December 4 (23:59 New York time – EST).

Full details in blog.

(Nomadking) #2

"Welcome to the world of tomorrow!!"

Looking forward to seeing some sweet sci-fi voxel goodness :slight_smile:

(Adan) #3

sounds like fun

(Adan) #4

I am thinking of making a city above the clouds.

(Cbrevis) #5

I intend to create the city of this electronic character:

the Independent pirate nation of Neutronia.

(Ab Red) #6

uh oh.. where should i start making the topic??
and what about.. "Upload new york only but feel free to upload multiple scene"??


You can just reply here, just like your questions!

And what do you mean about uploading new york?

(Adan) #8

almost forgot to post my progress.

(Adan) #9

here's a city in the sky.


Looking good, everyone!

(Voxelminis) #11

Alfonsus I - Mars Colonial City

Model build in Magica Voxel 0.99 and 3D Max 2015. Rendered in Magica Voxel.

(Icarus) #12

Scoria the volcanic Sci-Fi City :slight_smile:
Made with MagicaVoxel and photoshop

(EvgeniyM) #13

Early WIP. I have to remake everything from scratch in one day :confused:


I'm sorry -- but that looks so good so far!

Challenge ends today so please wrap it up and tag appropriately! (#VoxelSciFiCity)

(EvgeniyM) #15

It is not easy to subdue The Storm..


This was a really solid group of entries. After a bit of debate we decided on...

Congrats to Augustin.Cagnat for making us look towards the stars! And thank you all for participating, it was wonderful to see your visions of sci-fi. Let's all look towards the future and we'll see each other in the next challenge.