[ENDED] Vote for the winner of the Ancient Artifacts modeling challenge

The Ancient Artifacts modeling challenge is completely powered by you - our community! You brainstormed and voted on a challenge theme, and now it’s time to cast your votes once more - to pick the challenge winner.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit the challenge tag gallery: #artifactmodelingchallenge
  2. Keep the goal of the challenge in mind: “Use your favorite software and workflow to model an ancient artifact. The model may be based on a real artifact, or born entirely of your imagination.”
  3. We encourage you to evaluate entries based on quality , creativity , suitability for real-time , and adherence to the challenge theme .
  4. Cast your vote by selecting your favorite entry from the list below.

The poll closes on Friday, August 2 8am EDT (New York Time). If you change your mind after voting, click the ‘Hide Results’ button and update your choice.

Good luck!


And I didn’t find out about this “challenge”? ARGhHHhh damn it :triumph:

I have time yet? :thinking:

Alas it’s too late to enter now :pensive:

The next … I’ll be more attentive! :no_mouth:

I checked and you were on the distribution list for the emails we sent about this one (July 8, 12 and 16). Are you not receiving them?

If @bartv, of course they have arrived, it is I who have been in the clouds!

Happy summer everyone by the way!


Ok that’s good to know because we recently switched to a new email provider :slight_smile:

Great entries, everyone! The archaeologist in me loved digging through them. :wink: And this community challenge—from topic brainstorming to voting—was a lot fun. You all are what make Sketchfab’s community such a great place to be.

To see all the entries, check out the tag gallery.

And the winner, as chosen by the community, is...

Scythian Rhyton by @lucospade

Keep up the great work, everyone! We’re looking forward to the next community-fueled challenge. Keep an eye out for it next month. :eyes: