[ENDED] Vote for the winner of the Cute Robot modeling challenge

Vote for the winner of the Cute Robot modeling challenge

The Cute Robot modeling challenge is completely powered by you - our community! You brainstormed and voted on a challenge theme, and now it’s time to cast your votes once more - to pick the challenge winner.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit the challenge tag gallery: #cuterobotchallenge
  2. Keep the goal of the challenge in mind: “Model a cute robot using your preferred tools and workflow.”
  3. We encourage you to evaluate entries based on quality , creativity , suitability for real-time , and adherence to the challenge theme .
  4. Cast your vote by selecting your favorite entry from the list below.

Two important notes:

  • As we were a bit late with posting this vote, we extended the voting deadline to Monday. The winner will be announced on the same day.
  • With 127 entries (:scream:), we exceeded the maximum number of poll options and we had to chop the poll into two parts. To ensure everyone plays nice and casts only one vote, we’ll make the voting public.

The poll closes on Monday, September 30 8am EDT (New York Time). If you change your mind after voting, click the ‘Hide Results’ button and update your choice.

Good luck!

Entries, Part 1 (part 2 is in the next post!)

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Entries, Part 2

Reminder: vote only once - don’t vote in both polls!

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I would suggest mentioning in the main post that the second part is below the first, I was dumb and was waiting for the second post showing part 2 not realizing it was beneath it :woman_shrugging:

Would it be possible to add small preview images next to the links? I am on my phone and there is no way I can open every single link. I even managed to vote few times while viewing the entries.
I ended up going to Sketchfab and using a tag in search.


Great suggestion, I added that.

maybe next time, but right now I can’t update the poll anymore without erasing everyone’s votes…

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Good luck to everyone!

Wow, I didn’t realize that there were so many entries (and great ones too). Best of luck to all participants! :slight_smile:

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Is it just me or some people that are voting are just very recent made accounts?

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Yup I noticed that too

I hope this voting is looked into, because if people just make new accounts to vote like that it does not make it fair…It is not about winning or losing it’s just about having an honest cometition, valuable feedback to the community and results for the best one out there.

We will definitely keep an eye on strange voting patterns. However, we did have many new users sign up for this challenge alone, so it’s not too surprising.

It could be just friends coming in to help out. I mean, how many people do you know who has a Sketchfab account? As far as its not from the same IP, its possible.
Even if someone decides to creat accounts to vote, this person will have to create 100+ accounts :slight_smile:
Also anyone from social media with loads of followers can just ask people to vote for his/her work and have much bigger advantage. So dont worry and be happy :wink:

It’s not anything to bother about :wink: it’s just that a contest is what it is, and the popular opinion of the winner should not be decided by the number of votes with accounts made in the last 10 or 2 hours. I always thought that in this community of artists, people would judge ones work not based on friendship and following, but by how good it is. There is a bigger need for feedback than just a friend’s support or a fans opinion which will always be subjective to the person they’re following. But again this is just my honest opinion :smiley: don’t take it to heart :wink:


Its a good opinion and I am sure that moderators will take this into account and adjust in for the future competitions :thinking:

I checked some of those new accounts and the IP addresses did not match. So I don’t see evidence of unfair voting.

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We just posted this on social media to get more people to help and vote :slight_smile:. Please retweet to help us reach as many people as possible!

(open it to see the cool video that @nebulousflynn put together)


I’m really noob in Sketchfab so I don’t know if this is a “tradition”, but I was more surprised by people voting himself. :smiley:. It’s true that there is nothing in the rules about that (or I didn’t see it), but I think it is a non-write-rule accepted. :sweat_smile: . But maybe I’m missing something.

Popular voting contests is always a problem. That only to pick up honor or fame of winning, but when there are material prizes… is the jungle! :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

Of course I’m not saying these are the cases, but getting a new “white” IP should not be very complicated, shouldn’t? VPN, proxies…

Maybe, in future popular voting contest, set a minimun register date (five days?) for voting might minimize these suspicions.

Another thing could be adding a table of vote value. For example, staff, someone who won a contest, community VIPs could have a quality vote (their vote is five, ten or whatever basic vote).

But I guess these require changes in the platform, and I don’t know it is so important.

Do not underestimate people’s wickedness. :joy:. Just kidding. :slight_smile:

PS: Will be there any prize for the people who will not get any vote? :sweat_smile::joy:


I’m very much aware but wanted to avoid giving people the idea :wink:

I’m not too worried about fake votes to be honest. If we see any suspicious activity (like an obviously poor entry getting the majority of the votes), we’ll take action.


For future challenges, could there be a rule for not voting yourself? Seeing the pool, it’s a bit dissapointing in my opinion, to be honest.

It’s not like it makes a big difference in the results, but I think it would be more interesting that way.

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I’m happy to add it as a guideline, but we can’t really check or enforce it because of the amount of work.

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