[ENDED] Voxel Challenge: The Robots are Coming!

(Bart) #1

Howdy! Here's where you can post your WIPs for the new Voxel Challenge: The Robots are Coming!, or just chat about robots and get inspiration for your entry.

To enter, be sure to add the #RobotsAreComing tag to your scene.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

(Kyan0s) #2

Hi ! I think I'll participate by trying to create a horticultural robots on the mars surface, participating to the terraforming of the planet to the future coming of Humans. ^^)

(Nomadking) #3

That's an awesome idea @kyan0s! :smiley:

(Devonax) #4

Quick Question, This isn't stated in the rules but are Mechs allowed?
And how about re-creating scenes from video games or movies?

(Bart) #5

Yes, no problem!

Any robots will do :slight_smile:

(Devonax) #6

I'll give this a try. I think I'm going to create a scene with a heavy armored robot hunting down the blight that is mankind. Humans struggling to survive their robotic overlords.

(Kyan0s) #7

Here a WIP, the first tile of the my scenery :

(Devonax) #8

" these are not the droids you're looking for"

(Jscardenas) #9

is magicalvoxel render?

(Zachrywilsn) #10

Since mechs are allowed I believe I will try to create a A.I Armored Mech.
Love that this Challenge is Robots!

(Nomadking) #11

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with @Devonax and @zachrywilsn!

@kyan0s Great start. I love that martian landscape :slight_smile:

(Kyan0s) #12

@jscardenas Yes with magicavoxel render, but I'll use blender and its cycles render for the final result. I'll use it to position all the tiles and bake the lighting with it.

@nomadking Thank you ! ^^)

(Craigastewart) #13

Hi all,

I've never modeled in voxels before so I picked up MagicaVoxel and played around with it and this is where I'm at so far. Still playing around with things but I hope to add lots more detail and some nice effects and things before I'm done with it :slight_smile:

(Coolblu) #14

sounds great! I will join! :wink:

(Unoquepasa) #15

Maybe there's a chance I can think of something for the contest ...
Something about robots doing things that are typically human.

(VRtual Artist) #16

Very cool challenge idea. I'm thinking about doing a scene with WALL-E working to clean up earth. Going to try using In.Block and build most of it in VR.


Great start, for picking up MagicaVoxel for the first time!

(Nomadking) #18

That's a great start @craigastewart :slight_smile:

(Kyan0s) #19

Second WIP :slight_smile: :

(Craigastewart) #20

@kyan0s This is looking so good. I'm really inspired to see you combining tiles like that. Is it easy enough to combine texture files for adding things like emissive effects in Sketchfab? I was also trying to figure out how you match one tile to the next; do you copy a slice of one edge into a new project or do you have some other way of doing it?