[ENDED] Voxel Challenge: The Robots are Coming!

That’s a great start @craigastewart :slight_smile:

Second WIP :slight_smile: :


@kyan0s This is looking so good. I’m really inspired to see you combining tiles like that. Is it easy enough to combine texture files for adding things like emissive effects in Sketchfab? I was also trying to figure out how you match one tile to the next; do you copy a slice of one edge into a new project or do you have some other way of doing it?


Thank you @craigastewart ! ^^)

Well, for the matching of tiles, I delete all the voxels of my scene excepted the line of voxels of a border that I move to the opposite border, and I draw my new tile from this line.

For the emissive effect on sketchfab, I create a new texture in black and white that I add to the emission settings of the material. But this method is mainly for adding a bloom effect in the right place. In fact to set my work on Sketchfab, my workflow is the following :

After I’ve finished my scene to re-built my scenery in blender, I create a new uvmap for each tile in addition to the colors uvmap generated by magicavoxel. Now each tile have got two uvmappings. This new uvmapping serves me either to bake the ambient occlusion and ligths on a new texture that I add to the lightmap in the material settings on Sketchfab, either to bake the AO, lights and colors on the same texture.
After that I add my emissive texture and I play with The bloom effect on Sketchfab.

The result is the following :

With this method I have almost the same result like in my render. I hope I answered your questions and sorry for my english. ><’


I got a little carried away with this challenge as I fell in love with MagicaVoxel. I’ll finish my original entry this weekend but for now here’s another. You can’t have a robot challenge without a bit of Claptrap… :slight_smile:



This would be my first time in joining a 3d art challenge and this is where I’m at so far. :slight_smile:


Ok, here is my successful picture :slight_smile:


That’s a great start @VergilSparda :slight_smile:

@kyan0s, @craigastewart, @Coolblu - All looking awesome so far guys! Be careful… it’s very easy to fall in love with voxels :wink:


Here the following of my work in progress.

I hope I’ll have time to finish all I wanted to do…


@kyan0s great scene, great story!

@craigastewart how did you achieve the light + metallic effect in sketchfab? the best I can do is just bloom (from magikavoxel import). I don’t know how to use other 3D softwares, but I can follow tutorials. thx.

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thanks nomadking@! here is my second picture WIP! :wink:


@judbd I created a second uv map within magicavoxel and imported it to Sketchfab. Elbriga did a useful tutorial on how to do this which you can find here: https://blog.sketchfab.com/publishing-voxel-designs-from-magicavoxel-to-sketchfab/

For the part where he talks about blacking out most of the texture in photoshop, I’ve found that you can do this without even using another program by saving a second copy of your model and changing all of the colours on your palette to black or greyscale, then saving the palette as a separate png file and importing that. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Yes I already did that following this tutorial (on this model for example https://sketchfab.com/models/99511b8f7a3243e3b418afab2505b96b ) but the lights are just a little bloomy and not really emissive like the iron man or the clap trap above. I’m looking for a way to bake textures, or make the emit light in SketchFab.

Thank you for your help!

//edit : the reply seems to be here: https://blog.sketchfab.com/tutorial-creating-a-3d-star-wars-scene-in-voxels-using-magicavoxel-blender-and-voxelshop/#toc_5 but I think that is to complex for me, and that there is no simpler solution :frowning:

@judbd you’ll notice from may claptrap that white light gets a better result than red, so the white lights will always look better. You could try pushing the emission slider up a bit further and then add more bloom using the bloom slider in post-processing effects. This gives the illusion of a glow like in the iron man above.

I didn’t use any other method for claptrap so it is possible, you may just have to experiment with the sliders. :slight_smile:

OK thank you!

And how did you manage the metallic effect on clap trap?

@judbd Exactly the same way except you save another uv map in greyscale where the metallic parts are white and the non-metallic parts are black, with stuff in between being various shades of grey (maybe you have parts that you want to be metallic but not as metallic as others). Then import this second map onto the metallic and glossy sliders like you would with emission and play around until you get the right effect :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post my robot scene:)


This looks awesome! I love the Iron Giant, great use of lighting! :slight_smile:

Amazing! great work! :slight_smile:

I had money on someone doing an Iron Giant scene :wink: Great job @kluchek!